OpenX Launches Groundbreaking Online Advertising Marketplace OpenX


PASADENA, Calif. , April 16, 2009 OpenX Technologies, Inc. OpenX, the area’s ideal self reliant ad server for web publishers, today introduced the launch of OpenX Market Market, a groundbreaking new online marketplace it’s the 1st simple and neutral advertising platform for all courses of buyers and dealers. The company also introduced OpenX Ad Server 2. 8, an incredible new edition of the company’s globally followed generation that provides seamless integration of the ad server with OpenX Market, thereby making it extraordinarily easy for publishers to participate in the Market.

Given that OpenX’s vast publisher base of more than 150,000 websites flows more than 300 billion impressions throughout the agency’s program per thirty days, the company believes that the advantage to all of a sudden scale the Market is superb. At launch, OpenX Market already has a per 30 days run rate of greater than a billion impressions. OpenX Market is designed to help publishers maximize revenue and to help advertisers a lot more easily reach their target audiences across large numbers of publishers. Publishers can easily route any or all of their ad impressions into the OpenX Market via tools now completely built-in into OpenX Ad Server. Publishers define a minimal “floor” price for their ad impressions.

OpenX Market then runs a real time public sale for every influence. If the profitable bid from the public sale is higher than the publisher set minimum price, the better paying ad is served and the writer makes more money. If the profitable bid is less, the publisher’s original ad runs. The entire method is designed to maximise writer revenue with zero risk. Advertisers advantage by having an easy way to buy around the potentially tremendous pool of fundamental inventory available from OpenX’s publisher base. “Historically, the net ads market has been fractured, opaque, hard to perform and therefore inefficient,” said Tim Cadogan, chief government officer, OpenX.

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“In specific, mid sized and smaller publishers lack the means to reach a broad set of advertisers. Conversely, advertisers see lots of value in niche sites and audiences, but find it very hard to find out and buy those sites and audiences. The OpenX Market is all about making these connections simple, seamless and scalable. We have listened substantially to our very large global neighborhood of publishers and feature built the Market particularly to beat these inefficiencies by offering all courses of publishers and ad buyers with a unique monetization platform that we trust will create giant value for both. ”OpenX is the area’s top-rated independent ad server for web publishers.

Building on the energy of our open source heritage, we provide our vast neighborhood of publishers finished, customizable and free to use ad serving generation. OpenX Ad Server empowers our community of more than 150,000 internet sites across the Internet with the skill to take control of their ads and maximize their ad income and relevance. OpenX Ad Server items are translated into 25 languages, utilized in more than 100 nations around the world, and serve more than 300 billion ads every month. OpenX Market is the company’s unique monetization platform and is designed to assist publishers maximize the price of their inventory and to help advertisers much more easily target where their ads are served. The Market uses a real time public sale marketplace in which distinctive classes of buyers bid for every impression offered by OpenX’s vast publisher base.

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