Online Marketing Today: IFTTT

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Actions in Google MapsThe Assistant is also coming to navigation in Google Maps. That will enable users to send texts and play podcasts or music from within Google Maps. Duplex: AI driven phone scheduling for SMBsArguably the most intriguing statement this morning was “Duplex,” an AI driven phone based system for booking appointments with local businesses without online scheduling features. There were two demos: one related to reserving a haircut and any other a complex restaurant reservation. We heard a herbal sounding Assistant voice engage with actual humans over the telephone and feature a complex multi step conversation.

Turing test, take that!A long standing goal of human laptop interaction has been to enable people to have a natural dialog with computers, as they might with each other . . . Today we announce Google Duplex, a new generation for carrying out natural conversations to perform “real world” tasks over the telephone. The technology is directed against completing specific tasks, akin to scheduling bound kinds of appointments.

For such tasks, the system makes the conversational adventure as natural as possible, permitting people to speak continually, like they might to another person, while not having to adapt to a desktop.