Online Marketing News: Netflix Teaches BB, Email Benchmarks and Facebook is a Copycat

Facebook Messenger copies Facebook’s copy of Instagram’s copy of Snapchat StoriesYes, you read that headline as it should be. There is a few truth behind all that sass. Last week, Facebook messenger rolled out it’s copy of Facebook Stories — a copy of the story feature owned first by Snapchat and later adopted by Instagram. They’re calling Messenger Day.

Marketing LandU. S. Digital Advertising Will Make $83 Billion This Year, Says EMarketerIn 2017, eMarketer estimates that electronic ads sales will grow to $83 billion. Leading that charge is Google with about 40% of that share of earnings, followed by Facebook with about 20%. Things are even closer when it comes to mobile revenue, with Google owning 32% of the market and Facebook owning 25%.

AdWeekAd Exchange Launches, Aims To Transform Ad Inventory Into Standardized SecuritiesMediaPost reports: “There’s a new ad exchange, and it’s not programmatic. The NYIAX New York Interactive Advertising Exchange, introduced on Tuesday, aims to alter ad stock into standardized securities. The NYIAX will run on the Nasdaq’s era infrastructure and be platform agnostic.

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