Online Journalism Review: Blog Networks Helping Blog Advertising What’s Next Blog

I agree with Paul Berger’s figures – in general, even though 1 in 200 ad impressions leads to a click via, you’ve got an excellent chance of as a minimum breaking even. I was telling a chum the other day about my blog and the blog network I write for, and he was surprised to discover that we can be successful even though only 1 in 100 Web visitors to our sites in fact clicked on the ads they see there. The economics of the Web are still slightly new to me, so I remain amazed at this figure. I agree that inserting blogs into networks may help raise their profits, since people may be influenced to stay within a given blog network. Weblogs, Inc.

, for example, uses a lot of interlinking between their individual blogs to help keep people on their network. Anyway, I’d like to know more about Web ads.

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