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Keywords by themselves are not separate units, the most common algorithms used by advertising networks look at the keyword list as a whole to judge which sites are best to serve the ads. Spend time researching the best keywords or using keyword scraping tools to get the best results. If properly used, the keywords in an ad group should describe the interests of the specific audience you wish to attract to your ad. Your keyword should be full of the words that you want to appear most frequently on the pages you think your desired customer will be viewing. Which type of targeting is better?Is there a higher CTR rate for contextual targeting or behavioural targeting for cost per view CPV or pay per view PPV internet advertising?While there is still no definite answer, a study was recently conducted by Synovate for Vendare which asked adult consumers what type of targeted online advertisement they were more likely to click on.

The results revealed that 62% were more likely to respond to contextual ads, 28% liked demographically targeted ads, 24% responded to geographical targeting and only 18% said they were likely to click on ads served based on behavioural targeting.

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