Office management: understanding, function, and purpose

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Office management: understanding, function, and purpose

On this occasion, we will try to discuss about the office management system. The discussion that we will learn together is related to understanding, functions, and tips in maximizing office management. To be more clear, let’s look at the review below.

Understanding of office management

Office administration management is one of the data processing activities accompanied by information that is done regularly, systematically and continuous by following various organizational activities so that the objectives of the organization concerned can be well achieved.

Office management is an effort to be briefing in the activities or activity of the education of an office as a whole so that it can achieve the objectives as efficiently as possible and the arrangement must be held so that this work can be done well. ATA arrangement or management attempts A job in this office is called office management.

Office Management Function

The following are various functions in office management:

  • Planning.

Planning function or planning function in office management is a function used in determining all forms of actions to touch the entire desired target. So, in this planning function, a manager must think about what work will be done with various resources he has had.

  • Organizing

Organizing or organizing function in office management will assist managers in carrying out supervision activities and determining anyone needed to carry out the tasks that will be delegated.

The existence of organizing functions in a management is very important because it can help carry out organizational structures clearly and also be able to describe the tasks of each field or organizational parts clearly.

Furthermore, responsibility and authority in this organization will become clearer funds can show between every task of the organizational unit and human resources and the material that is being needed can be known.

  • Commanding

The direction function or command in office management is a management function that is closely related to the effort to provide guidance, suggestions, orders, or instructions on subordinates in an effort to carry out their duties. The goal is that the task can be done well and in accordance with the previous set goals.

  • Controlling

Controlling or supervision function in an office management will be needed to maintain all forms of activity and effectiveness of resource use not to be used deviant from the plan, so the main objectives of the organization can be achieved.

Scope of Office Management

The following is the scope of office management:

  • Office activity

All office activities usually consist of activities that are closely relationship with planning, organizing and office supervision.

  • Offices or Office Work Facilities

The office facilities or facilities cover the building, location and office equipment, including the interior, and all office machines.

Tips for Maximizing Your Office Management

1. Analysis of works that have been running

Before you start reading these tips, of course you already have a work system or way of work yourself. That is not a problem, therefore try to analyze the way you work that you have implemented. Is it quite effective or yet.

The level of effectiveness of office management can be assessed from the duration of the time of work, the results of the work, and members of your team. If there is one task that can be completed in two to three days in fact it takes two weeks to complete, then you must evaluate the way you work.

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It could be that the existing management is not so right. Even the same as the results are not optimal, and your team members will become unhappy because they will get a burden that is too heavy. Good management will certainly have a good impact on all forms of employee activities.

2. Apply appropriate leadership patterns

The way to lead someone is definitely related to the management system he has applied to his office. Therefore, try re-evaluating the best CATA in implementing management, because it can be a different way. But certainly, you must continue to run communication, including in terms of delegating assignments to colleagues.

You must be able to convey exactly what you really have expected to team members, and deadlines for the task. In addition, you also have to move the company’s mission vision clearly, because this will be related to the team you lead. If there is one member who has the same level of understanding, then it must be moved to be easier and directed.


3. Check the way “equipment” works that already exist

How to check the existing equipment, you must first be able to see that your team is used to help her work. For example, the applications they use to send emails, communicate with other members, or to set up schedules and their work list.

After that, you can evaluate each of these equipment, whether it can function properly or not. For example, of the many accounts given, your employees turned out to only use Gmail to communicate with parties from outside, and Slack is more often used for the company’s internal parties.

Some other facilities such as Google Calendar for schedules, and Asana to provide assignments is not so used. If you know this can you know, then you can simplify the use of the application. For example, you only use two tools, namely Slack to send all messages, and Asana to schedule and provide assignments. So, office management will be more maximal.

4. Make a workflow in office management

The workflow is clearly needed in the office so that the management that runs can be more maximal. The members in it also do not need to be confused in terms of where they have to do the task, and what they have to do afterwards. It is included who is directly related to those who relate to their responsibilities.

For example, you can make Flowchart and Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) to get a big picture related to the tasks that your team members have.

5. Perform sharing between team members

The next way that can be done to maximize office management is by utilizing a sharing session. It is recommended that this session be attended by all team members and leaders responsible for the team. All team members can pour opinions or complaints about the system that has been applied.

This session also can maximize the use of equipment available in the scope of their work. In addition, each member must also be given the opportunity to pour his opinion according to their respective perspectives. So that leaders can know, what management steps should be done and can be applied to the next step.

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It is also recommended that this sharing session be carried out routinely according to the predetermined schedule. This activity is also able to evaluate the system and management that exists at the previous time. With the holding of this session, it is expected that each member does not harbor its own difficulties, and is able to implement a more efficient and effective management system.

6. Support the leader in the early implementation of office management implementation

The results of the evaluation were able to provide a lot of changes that have been applied by the team leadership. This new policy is certainly made based on what is put forward by each team member, then applied as well as possible by leaders.

Therefore, it is better if all team members to stay positive and willing to run all the newly set rules. Invite all members of the Ana team to be able to support the leadership, and you should first try the newest new rules.

Even if there are those who are strange and different in the process of work, who knows the results obtained by justu will be more positive than the old rules.

7. Workflow evaluation and equipment used in office management

After you get a lot of margan and input from every team member while doing a sharing session, the leadership must start applying the best rated way. Some things that must be considered remain the same, namely about the results and duration of the work of the workmanship, and the team’s condition that runs it.

You don’t need to worry, using appropriate management, the results obtained later will certainly be more maximal, efficient and more effective.

Know that maximum management will be able to issue maximum capabilities for each team member.


Office administration management is one of the data processing activities accompanied by information that is done regularly, systematically and continuous by following various organizational activities so that the objectives of the organization concerned can be well achieved.

The office management function is very closely related to planning, organizing, direction, and supervision. The scope of office management covers all office activities and office facilities and infrastructure.

The best tips for maximizing office management that you can do is analyze the work system that has been running, applying the appropriate pattern of leadership, checking the existing “equipment” way, make workflows, do sharing between team members, supporting leaders in the early days of implementation , as well as evaluating workflows and equipment used in management.

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