of The Highest Earning AdSense Ad Layout Positions

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The goal is to check out ads in alternative places to see which gets more consideration and more clicks. Once you determine that, you could test out other positions and see which is second best. Google allows you a number of different ads at the same time – three AdSense content units, three link unites, and two search boxes – and you’ll want to test all of them. Don’t be afraid to use they all, but test them if you happen to do!Sometimes, adding an additional ad unit will take clear of the other units enough that the return isn’t worth it.

One beneficial ad is better than two poor ads, in very nearly every condition. Hey Biplab!Yes absolutely, in case your ad is super near videos or other clickable elements, you may be getting unintended clicks. This sounds like a good thing, but if a person by accident clicks an ad, what do they do?They close it without delay. Google has anything called “Smart Pricing” that will see most of your clicks are just last the ad at once, and your payment per click will drop dramatically. This is why some sites get paid $2 per click and others receives a commission $0.

01 per click. You want your ads to be away from any content and media so that they aren’t clicked by accident. Your CPC will change every so often, so completely experiment together with your placements to see what pays the coolest. Just give it a month or two among each tweak to see what works and what doesn’t. Google doesn’t change anything else slowly, so if you’re altering your ad placement per week, you won’t know what is working because you didn’t wait long enough. Lastly, be certain you’re retaining to 3 placements maximum on your site.

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This can be a total of all your ads. If your page is loaded with ads, you’ll get paid less for your ads and it may even impact your biological search traffic and ratings. Three ad placements could be plenty.