Not Just a Gimmick, What Is Brand Experience?

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Not Just a Gimmick, What Is Brand Experience?

Not Just a Gimmick What Is Brand Experience

Have you ever bought a product, then received poor service? That means the brand experience or brand experience of the related product is not maximal.

What does quality of service have to do with this experience? Isn’t giving the best service a gimmick?

All of that will be discussed thoroughly in this article. Listen, yes!

Get to know the Brand Experience

We start from the definition. Citing an article published in the Journal of Marketing, brand experiences are sensations, feelings, thoughts, and behavioral responses.

These responses are triggered by the identity or design of the brand. Examples are packaging, communication methods, and styles, to the environment.

This definition is also in line with what Widen conveyed. They added that this experience emerged as a result of interactions through various channels or media.

Rock Content said, brand experience is closely related to strengthening the relationship between customers and brands.

This is also similar to what Freeman said. According to them, this experience can make a person have a lasting and quality relationship with the brand.

Well, quoting 99designs, the paths to this quality experience include:

  • brand design
  • brand voice
  • user experience
  • brand image
  • customer support

Why is Brand Experience Important?

Now, why should brand experience count? Why not just create a makeshift interaction?

This experience can increase brand loyalty to brand image. This is evidenced by research published in the Asian Journal of Management Sciences & Education.

Not only that, you know. Quoting an article published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, brand experience can increase customer willingness-to-pay (WTP).

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Launching Harvard Business School, WTP is the maximum price a customer wants to buy your product. If the product price is more than that, the customer doesn’t want to be interested in buying it.

Strategies to Maximize Brand Experience

We get to the next question, let’s! If it matters, how can you improve this one experience?

99designs said, here is the answer:

1. Have a brand goal

Take a look at the Nike shoe company. He not only sells shoes but also has a brand goal.

The company portrays itself as a supplier of sport-related ambitions and goals.

This is the purpose of a brand that can improve brand experience. It sets you apart from other similar brands.

2. Take advantage of storytelling techniques

How was your brand built? Is there a “mission” behind it? Could it be, there is even a unique experience from the consumer of your brand?

These stories can enhance the brand experience. You can share it via social media, blogs, to videos.

3. Be consistent

What kind of design does your brand use? What’s the name of the font? Are all of that consistent?

This brand identity can shape brand experience. You have to make it consistent. Whether you realize it or not, the customer experience can improve because of this consistency, you know.

4. Prioritize experiences

Sales have to reach the target. After all, company finances must be healthy. That way, the business can continue to run.

However, you shouldn’t forget the experience of the buyers. Because, what happened before, during, and after the sale, is the part that is remembered by the customer.

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Who knows, after buying your product, they will come back to become a subscription.

Furthermore, they may give positive testimonials. This testimonial can bring in more customers, you know.

Therefore, always pay attention to the experience of a buyer. When he comes to your store or website, how do you welcome him?

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