Niche Market: Definition and 11 Plans in Making Niche Marketing

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Niche Market: Definition and 11 Plans in Making Niche Marketing

Niche Market Definition and 11 Plans in Making Niche Marketing

If you are new to business, it is important to consider the benefits of the niche market or market niche rather than trying to offer products on a large market.

Think of the difference between generalists and specialists. You might be familiar with the saying ‘Jack of All Trade and Master of None’.

This simple expression summarizes what often occurs when people establish an online business. They want to move wider, not narrow.

Being extensive means having to serve all different types of customers. However, with niche marketing, you focus most on some customer segments, and as a result, you know and understand their needs very well.

The advantage of the niche market is that the level of service, understanding, and the focus that you provide to customers in a niche cannot be matched by large generalist companies. You can compete in small markets better than facing large companies in the established market and a large budget.

Exceptions for this of course if you have a sustainable business model. Even so, you need a budget and strategy that is focused on building and developing your brand.

For the first example, let’s see what is a business niche?

Understanding Niche Market?

The definition of niche market is based on market segmentation. Niche market is a focused and targeted market part.

By definition, niche or niche is focused on a small group of customers. Often this is referred to as the lack of being served by large companies.

Less served means that large companies cannot adjust to every type of customer segment. Large companies don’t customize their products or services only for some, they have a broad offer. For this reason, they let the market open for special businesses that focus more on their needs.

What are the benefits of the niche market?

When you focus on a certain niche, you need to narrow and change your mindset to become a specialist.

We will explain it later in this article. However, with only a few customer segments to be served, you have a good chance to get to know your customers better than other businesses.

On the other hand, you also want to make money. The next balance is find a niche that has enough customers and enough market value to guarantee you set up a business.

What makes an interesting niche marketing is that you provide products or services that are tailored to a group of potential customer needs. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you focus on certain customer segments:

Less competition

Usually, there is less competition or less budget for overall competition in the niche market. However, because the market niche becomes more interesting and established, more players might join to take advantage of opportunities.

More impact

In small market relations and communication often develop into a community. You will find a community both on social media sites, for example Facebook groups or as examples on LinkedIn. The good news is in the community it is easy to build your brand and develop brand awareness.

You quickly develop expertise

Listening to special communities, conversations on social media, conducting research on topics related to niches increasingly leads to you become an expert.

Over time when you use your knowledge to develop marketing, you can position yourself as authority figures in the niche.

Expansion opportunities

After you set income and profit, you can think about expansion and cross into other special areas. Many businesses grow this way.

Niche marketing

Is that a niche marketing?

Niche marketing focuses purely on your specific targeted customers. It’s no extensive aim. Instead, this focuses on the 1-3 segments you serve.

If you’ve ever read the beautiful book of Bernadette Soul titled Meaningful, the book calls for the idea of ​​creating a brand that makes people connect, fall in love.

A special brand has the opportunity to understand deeply pain and problems from a set of customers and then reach out and help them.

Instead of doing extensive marketing, use every aspect of branding and marketing to show that it serves a niche and aims to meet his needs. Many businesses that dominate niches continue to do more. But that’s how it is and where they start.

Why use niche marketing?

Map customer travel. Use questions and answers to building ideas about various problems that try to solve by your customers.

By using your blog, you can create content that is tailored to your niche market audience. The ability to use special marketing communication help build communities around your brand.

You will get an attraction with your niche marketing communication which means more social distribution, more turning links, and more comments. But how do you develop a niche market? Here are some plans to help you.

11 steps in building a successful niche marketing

1. Corrective identification

The first step in any marketig niche is identifying the gap. Instead of seeing other businesses and see what they are doing well, learn to recognize the gap. Market gap is very important for developing a niche market.

Let’s remove one myth. There is no new niche and this is good. Ideally, you want a niche that has been tested for others. You want to know before investing a lot of time that people really spend money on this niche.

Your goal is only to take a piece of cake and make money, build yourself and grow. You can be different. You will have your own approach, by doing something that you think is good.

There are several different ways to identify the gap:

  • Customer surveys / customer interviews – this helps you determine what people want and what people feel they might miss; They provide insight into special marketing. Surveys are easy to do, and there are several low-cost online survey tools, eg. Monkey survey.
  • Customer behavior – Review how people buy and use products or services. Look for high term intention search terms, cheapest, compare, coupons, discounts, free shipping …
  • Focus on passion and problems. These are things that are likely to be spent by people. For example, in the health sector, a very large market is a weight loss product.
  • Interests of people – Harley Davidson not only sells motorbikes, but also sells lifestyles and dreams. They also held events to gather together and other companies filled people’s interests. Niche Marketing provides sub-markets after the sale of Harley Davidson. For example, merchandise, eg. Shirt, jacket; Events and meetings.
  • Special needs. Gluten-free products, bean-free products or products are increasingly popular because they serve a group of people who have special food needs.
  • Consider the Purnajual Market, many businesses are not good at following up customer needs, eg. When you buy an oil-fueled lawn mower, you might then need a lawn mower repair service. This could be your chance to produce a solution that the customer needs.
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2. Check opportunities

After you identify the gap, you need to measure opportunities. Is my special marketing idea worth investment? And can I get the income I need for my business? (The volume of people who buy).

Use the online tool to see how many people are looking for keywords for your specific niche – see the number of searches and competition for AdWords.

Here are some useful tools:

  • Google Trends.
  • Ahrefs (search volume, questions and analysis of competing sites).
  • Amazon – Yes, you can use Amazon to find out in what product categories are trending. Use tools such as Amasuites to identify more special products. If you want to be an Amazon affiliate, this tool is the most effective way to find the right product – volume, price, and niche. He is looking for six of the most popular online shopping sites in the world: Amazon US, Amazon UK, eBay US, eBay UK, Target, and Walmart. You then know that the data produced is about what people actually purchased.
  • Semrush. Other tools that can help you identify keywords, volumes, and questions related to your CNICHE Market.

3. Create your customer’s persona

Persona customers are fictional characters made to represent different types of customers in targeted demographics.

They provide a common way to talk about customers and help guide your special marketing decisions. Persona customers are the customer’s version and contain character, name, and behavior to help develop content marketing.

Why make a customer persona?

If you lack time, you will be trapped in doing things that seem useless.

Persona customer is a good reason why top brands and entrepreneurs use it.

They quickly help you focus on your ideal customer suffering. There are many business owners who attach their persona on the wall to remind them of their customers. The team uses it so they have a general framework for planning a marketing campaign.

Persona guides marketing decisions. The key point about niche marketing is that by developing marketing persona and matching it with the niche market or your customer segment, you improve marketing your content and how you affect your customers (this will talk directly to their needs and interests).

4. Brand and value propositions

After you identify the niche market, you need to be creative and think about how you can solve added value, solve problems and how you will position your offer on the market.

The main action is to think of a solution that will meet customer needs and then prioritize which is best for niche marketing

Not sure about how to develop a value proposition? We recommend using canvas value propositions. It’s easy to use and an easy way to sharpen the value you offer.

Build a brand so that your target niche will be easily identified with it. Understand color psychology so you create a brand identity that connects with your customers.

Not a designer? With a limited budget?

Use tools such as Canva to produce awesome graphics that look professionally designed.

5. Content and channels

Your brand is your platform to engage with your prospective customers.

Now you have an identity you need to know where and how to market it to your customers. The first thing to do is find out the channels and media what they use.

Also, know what influencers are

We have discussed at other posts about the main influencer marketing that you can use to find and engage with influencers.

If your niche is related to photography, eg. Drone photography, then your videos and images will be the main media for use and distributed. Social channels such as Instagram and YouTube are the ideal way to communicate with your audience.

Place to find potential customer group:

  • Pinterest board (shared board)
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Reddit – Subreddits.
  • Triberr.

In addition, look for communities and specialist forums online.

6. Develop content strategies

Before you start posting and developing content, identifying what content is shared on your competitor’s site.

If you use tools like Ahrefs or Buzzsumo, you can enter your competitor’s site and see which content is most widely distributed. You can also filter various social channels, eg. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

Often you will find that content like infographics are widely distributed.

Some tips:

  • Be realistic with your time and how much content you can produce.
  • Use your calendar and schedule your content.
  • Focus on the volume keyword for foundation content.
  • Group your low volume keywords around your foundation content.
  • Optimize SEO on your page.
  • Publish your content and promote

7. Sales and making prospects

Even if you sell services, you need to make it easier for people to understand what they get from their money and how it suits their needs.

Producing is art combining the main features and benefits for each product or service.

Many businesses now use tiered service offerings, eg. Web hosting service or freemium business model eg., because it is easy to understand and provide opportunities for people to increase their offer.

Plan your sales funeling or guide from the beginning to the end. Placing too much emphasis at the beginning makes you lose the opportunity to develop your email list and build your customer base.

Without sounding boring, your customer database (email list) is the true value of your business, as well as organic traffic.

Here are some actions that you need to optimize to capture, change, and grow your business.


Many prospective customers in the market will not know that you are there. Or, they might know you are there but don’t really know a lot about your product or service and how they can benefit from it.

  • Use social media or Google Ads ads to reach your customers.
  • Create an influencer marketing campaign.
  • Optimize your SEO so that you appear in search results.
  • Trending news / topics relevant to newsjack.
  • Answer the question about Quora.
  • Participate in the LinkedIn Group.
  • Optimize the speed of your page on the desktop and cellular (this is one of the factors that contribute to how Google ranks on your site)

Acquisitions involve getting customers and prospective customers to interact with your brand and then provide their e-mail or cellphone address. This then allows you to start building relationships and moving it to activation.

  • Use the email retrieval form and email service, eg. GetResponse, on your website.
  • Optimize your landing page or landing page
  • Use a webinar to produce prospects and conversions
  • Have clear conversion points throughout your site.
  • Being very relevant to having different prospect magnets for different parts / pages on your site.
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Activation focuses on your customer’s first experience with your actual product or service. If you sell a course, you can offer them some of the first part courses so they can feel if the course is right for them.

At the SaaS company, you might be familiar with free trial offers or you get access to services but have limitations in terms of functionality.

Some people ask if this can be translated into B2B companies or product companies.

How do you make your customers try your product or service? Commit to sales phone calls, tell you what they need … this is when customers switch from passive e-mail to actively ask, try the product or download more detailed information.

You basically move to reduce friction to buy, build trust and in the case of B2B reduce objections, obstacles and difficulties.

For example, free product sample requests are still popular and of course events and brand activation experiences are another form of inviting customers to ‘try’ products or services.

Conversion (income)

Trying is one thing, change is another thing. Influencing customers to switch from free to pay is the most appropriate moment. Anyone can try a product or service but accept payment is when the company has a customer.

Conversion points are activated in several different ways. Most companies rely on discounts as a way to influence prospective customers to buy. However, using other methods to add value rather than discount can be better overall for the brand. Often the brand has unused assets that they can use to add value.

The landing page for online conversion is the optimal way to convert customers. However, to call sales out B2B can be much better especially if potential customers have been identified have high potential to convert.

  • Discount offer
  • Group
  • Limited Time Offers
  • Bundel offer
  • Landing page

Churn level varies in various industries. The key to your business success is to make it as low as possible. How do you achieve that? There are two approaches to this.

First, create a customer profile that remains and remains with you. Identify what makes them different. If you then improve marketing to target this customer ‘type’, you will immediately increase your churn level.

Second, think about and how you can add value to your customers after purchase. Many successful brands have done this through building communities, educational programs, and provide new ways to their customers to find other people.

  • Review whether community strategies can help you.
  • Identify how customers are connected and shared content and talks – Can you facilitate their conversation in the forum.
  • Move to the physical world – Can you hold events and meetings for customers, eg. WordPress and Harley Davidson are two brands who managed to do it.

Reference or referrals are part of a frequently neglected marketing mix. Referral is your ideal trigger to accelerate growth. Why?

First of all, new customers will trust existing customers more than your ad. In addition, it is likely that your customers will know and refer to a profile similar to themselves. In other words, it’s very targeted. Here are some points to guide you.

8. Publish and promote your content

Content marketing directs valuable traffic to your website

It also shows your skills and provides a platform for you to show your knowledge and expertise.

The main action is to adjust your content marketing (blog, tweet, post LinkedIn …) to be useful for your prospective customers. Complete their problems, give tips and useful ways to help them save time, money, or both.

9. Identify influencer

Nearly 49% of consumers are looking for influencers for product recommendations. Influencer marketing helps to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Your updated audience reaches
  • Increase your social followers
  • Build trust
  • Get high quality backlinks
  • Get media acquisition and social distribution
  • Generate the prospects and encourage sales

Before you start looking for influencers, cessate your goals, the type of influencer you want to find and set your email template (but adjust it to your wishes). Find out which out of many influencer marketing platforms are right for your business.

CMO Unilever, Keith Weed, once said: “Fucked followers and bots have become a problem with many people in the industry – being an elephant in the room. Has the number of followers increases artificially consisting of bots and excessive accounts and cheats. It does not serve anyone and damages trust in the entire system. “

By remembering that, you need to use the tool and check its authenticity:

  • Set your goals before you start.
  • Create a clear profile about the type of influencer that you want to contact.
  • Find influencers related to your industry.
  • Find influencers that promote your competitors.
  • Find influencers who share your audience.
  • Understand the influencer authority and check their level of involvement – not just the number of followers.
  • Track your results.

10. outreach

There are many useful outreach tools that can help you in outreach. However, there is no reason to only use automation. Make your communication personal and be polite will help you reach a much higher conversion rate.

  • Search for the right contact.
  • Use the interesting email subject line.
  • Add personalization.
  • Show value.
  • Don’t forget to act (CTA).
  • Follow.
  • Track and monitor your campaign.

11. Measure and increase

Marketing and business are a sustainable process. Your WordPress site for example is the tool you correct and increase regularly.

Your time is very valuable. By measuring what works and what doesn’t, you spend time doing the right thing that makes you advance. Set your marketing size and you use it to direct your business.

Knowing your niche market is a great way to carve a set of customers and develop loyal followers.


That is the discussion of the niche market and niche marketing strategy that you can apply to your business. After you know how to choose the Nighe Market on your business and produce the idea of ​​the product to be purchased by your target audience, it is time to turn it into reality.

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