Niche is profitable for your site and how to monetize it

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Niche is profitable for your site and how to monetize it

Niche is profitable for your site and how to monetize it

Niche is profitable for your site and how to monetize it

Start building a blog with a profitable niche like holding money in your own hands. Many bloggers out there earn income by choosing the right niche.

Niche will be the heart and soul of your blog when selected wisely. Choosing a suitable niche is the main paradigm behind good blogging. Each new blogger has the potential to make mistakes when choosing a niche. This error can lead you to a big failure.

List of most profitable niche sites

Before starting writing, you must know which niche is right as your choice. The first step in blogging is to find out what readers need from your blog, what keywords are the most profitable, and how you can make money from the blog.

So, what is the most profitable niche in the online industry and how do you start it? Here we show the list:

Health niche

Health blogs can include various health-related topics such as nutrition, controlling weight and disease, analysis of health, health business, and health research. Niche health is the most profitable niche first order on the list.

Health niche acts like a health education platform, where users collaborate or contribute to health content with standard guidelines. A health blog can be interactive and close to the reader in making content.

With good content, health blogs can develop as the size of users. Health blogs can be categorized as a type of personal journal blog or information site type. The most common sub-niche of health includes:

  • Blog About Reserves Weight / Blog Diet
  • Blog About Nutrition and Food
  • Blogs on Health Diseases and Disorders
  • Blog About Sports and Physical Exercise

This sub-niche will help many people get health care and you can also benefit from it.

Niche Parenting

As long as people continue to have children, niche parenting will remain popular. This niche is in the Evergreen category because the community continues to grow and develop, and children’s needs change over time.

Niche Parenting has wide topic coverage ranging from educating to creative games to train discipline, and there are many information products out there that can help you build sites with this niche.

Niche tutorial

The tutorial is the right way to transfer or share knowledge and can be used as part of the learning process. Blogging with niche tutorials will help a lot of readers.

Everyone has problems with their blog. The problem can be HTML, widgets, gadgets, SEO, and so on. The tutorial you provide will greatly help many new bloggers who choose blogging as their passion.

Tutorials sort as zooming ebooks, starting a blog, or video production will be very useful for others in increasing their skills to become reliable bloggers.

Tutorial in turn will help you get more income. Niche tutorial has become the most common niche as a potential way to get a big income.

Niche Technology

As technology changes in the global market at a high level, this niche can provide what people usually look for in the technology arena. Niche technology can show special companies in manufacturing/manufacturing gadgets.

By providing useful information about the latest gadgets and latest technology tips, it will greatly help those who are very curious about the leading innovation that is happening in the world of technology.

Providing useful and good content related to gadgets such as cellular phones, tablets, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, and so on can help us in making money.

Niche money and business

This blog may be a little number but will greatly help entrepreneurs. This niche shows how to get money online and offline in a different way.

This niche virtually shows how to make money. Each blogger wants to get money but this niche will help those who want to start a business or want to get money in different ways.

Niche money and business show an unusual way to make money or guidelines for getting money. At first glance it looks like a business niche, but not so.

The business niche needs the experience to make interesting posts about how to start a business or how to run a business. If you provide valuable tips, your blog will attract the attention of users very quickly and you start getting money.

Niche Development of Personality

Niche Personality Development helps readers increase awareness and self-identity, how to develop talents and potential, improve the quality of life, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

The most common sub-niche of personality development includes:

  • Leadership development
  • Self-incision flavor
  • Motivation
  • Career development
  • Coaching about life
  • Spirituality

This niche will be very helpful in improving personal life, making life full of happiness, and also helps improve skills and analyze the pros and cons of individual life.

If none of the choices above are your interests, here are some other ideas for profitable niches. Many of the following options have low difficulties and competitors so you can choose one or several.

Blog with niche traveling

Offer something new to the reader, give tips on how traveling on a limited budget, minimalist traveling, or photography and videography traveling.

Blog with a niche for busy people

People tend to be getting busy, so why don’t you help them? Give tips on time management, health and fitness advice, or personal development ideas.

Blog with niche exercise exercises

Sounds similar to a health niche but there is a difference. This can be a favorable niche blog if you help people train various sports such as marathons, lift the weight, jogging, or sports teams such as soccer and basketball, and so on.

Blog with niche about city life

This is not about the website for events for local businesses. Make a personal blog and focus on what happens in your area, find the best places to eat and create reviews, or visit local landmarks. You will get traffic from local readers and tourists.

Blog with niche about the budget

Try living life with everything you might spend a little money on. Write about your life experience in small boarding rooms, saving food, traveling with limited funds, and buying goods by bidding.

Blog About Hobbies and Activities

This niche is also profitable if you are targeting readers who spend money on something they like. When something makes someone feel happy or give pleasure, they will spend money on it again and again.

Blogs expensive activities such as golf, sailing, fishing, travel, or hunting

People always buy new equipment and tools for the activities they like. They need accessories, they want to pay for training and guidelines, or promising objects make them better in doing the activities they choose.

Iche mentioned above is very profitable and will continue to drain profits for you. You can start with any niche, by making sure you have chosen the right one.

If you need help to start a website, promote it, or you only need more information, come again to our website to get more tips.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas for a profitable blog niche?

How to monetize your website niche

Now we will discuss the best method for monetizing your website niche. Even though there are some passive income streams that you can create, actually there are still many different choices.

Here’s the main way you can use to monetize the site and the AdSense tutorial guide because this is the most popular choice when talking about monetizing your website niche. Hopefully, this can help you start creating a niche site that is not only useful but also gives you a good passive income.

The following are the choice of monetization niche sites:

Google Adsense

Adsense is the most popular choice when talking about building a niche site. All you need to do is register, build ads, and enter the code to the website.

When people click on ads, they will get paid. The key is to have a Click Through Rate or CTR which is good. This can be done by changing the color and position. Do you know? Google pays billions of dollars every year for website owners so if this can fit your niche, why not try it.

There are several rules such as no more than 3 ads per page and you cannot manipulate by deceiving the audience to click. But you can set the color and position ad to make you get money.


Amazon is the right choice if your niche includes the actual product sought and purchased. The best part is if you give someone a reference to Amazon for dogs and they buy a book in 24 hours, you still get a commission. This means they can buy anything and you still get paid. Now you only need to give a reference to many people to get paid. is similar to Adsense, you get paid from the visitor’s click. The payment is not as good as AdSense but the appearance of the ad is more natural than Google Adsense.

This is a good choice after Adsense because you can only have 3 Adsense per page. Make payment is low, you must monitor it whenever there is a chance that allows. Use as an additional AdSense.

There are several tools that you can use to monetize the website. There are hundreds of other choices with easy and simple implementation. Never hesitate to try it because you never know when you have other choices for monetizing your site’s niche.

Google Adsense tutorial

If you just started, Google Adsense is the right choice. You can get income by consistently using Google AdSense. There are many different ways that you can try to increase the clicks you receive from visitors. Here are some methods to start using Google Adsense on your niche site.

First, register on Google Adsense. Panel control has many different choices but for now, there are only a few general guidelines that you need to pay attention to when creating advertisements.

Text-shaped ads are called the best. Image ads also exist, but you can get more clicks with Link ads. Here are some rules to follow when creating text ads:

  • Specifically on the title. When creating an ad, you must give a title. You can give a title with the site name then position, for example, “pet training – header”. You can get more details than this but with a smaller niche site, this is already quite adequate.
  • Use color wisely. Without seeing the color you use for your link, make sure they look similar. Some people choose blue because people tend to click on the blue link. The point is not to trick your visitors but to make your site niche look aesthetically good. If you have a blue link and the AdSense link is red, this is psychologically like a stop sign and will also make your site look awkward.
  • Size and position. Different themes have better performance with different sizes. Many people have their own opinions. For example on one site, the ad size of 250 × 250 is quite good but not so on other sites. This size looks natural. When the ad naturally according to its place, the performance will be better. Don’t waste your time reading many articles that discuss advertising size. Test yourself and find out which is the best.
  • Test your ad. After you have consistent traffic, start testing your ad. Color test, size, and position. You can test ads with several changes for two weeks and compare them with previous ads. If the performance is better, you can use it.

The explanation above is only a few points you need to remember when creating advertisements. Now let’s discuss a little about the position of the ad in your site’s niche.

Ad position

The position is a factor that can increase your CTR and make you receive more money, but this is also something that makes your website flow naturally. Google’s task is to place relevant ads, advertisements that are worth clicking in Google’s eyes.

Therefore your job is to place it in the area that the reader can see and be interested in clicking on it. Don’t place an ad under the words “Click to get money,” but place it in the area that flows for the reader.

To keep in mind, the point is to make your ads flow with the site niche. Google also doesn’t like too many ads at the top. When entering a web, some pages are below and you need to roll down to see them.

Make sure you have a maximum of 2 ads at the top. Make sure the actual content can be visible. Although relevant ads, the main reason for someone visiting you is because of your information, not the ad.

Hopefully, all the suggestions above will help you to start making money from the site niche. The hard work you do now will be paid back later if you follow the guidelines correctly.

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