New Study Of Top Brand Advertisers Finds Those Who Reallocate Budget To Double Programmatic Investment Could Yield A % Increase In Total Sales

“This study of some of the biggest brands in the world very essentially showcases that advertisers who’re underinvested in programmatic will fail to see large earnings opportunities,” said Harry Patz, Chief Revenue Officer at Rubicon Project. “By reallocating advertisements budgets to double investment in programmatic, our data shows that brands will see a significant uptick in increased sales and advertising and marketing ROI, compared to people who do not. This is not about spending more, it’s about spending smarter — having the right mix of programmatic and electronic ad spending is key to a balanced portfolio in today’s environment. ”“We have always believed in the chance for programmatic spending, as more data leads to dollars,” said Shelley Zalis Chief Executive Officer at TFQ Strategy.

“We commissioned this analysis with Rubicon Project as a result of we wanted to put that theory to the test. The consequences were overwhelming!For advertisers who put money into programmatic, the data in actual fact shows that proper allocation pays off for brands who shift about 6% in their budget clear of other more basic mediums. Clearly, programmatic is appearing enormous revenue opportunities and return on marketing investment.

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