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Joyce de Winter, Exhibition Manager of Intertraffic Amsterdam, substantiates the change in format. ”The transition of the site visitors era and mobility industry towards a sustainable and digital world is ongoing. The Intertraffic Awards were first introduced in 2002 to reward innovation, subdivided in a number of product based categories. To reflect the latest industry dynamics where collaboration, partnerships and a purpose driven method are instrumental to be future proof, we’ve got altered the classifications of the Intertraffic Awards.

They at the moment are thematic in preference to product segmented. ”Intertraffic Green Globe Award This award recognises answers, products and dealing practices that are assisting to create a sustainable transport system for the future. The winner might be making a favorable contribution to cutting back carbon emissions or slicing pollution, or most likely will even have created a product or practice that permits a far better level of recycling or reuse than ever before. With transport producing around 25% of the world’s artifical carbon emissions, there’s an urgent need for all stakeholders in the industry to concentrate on environmental concerns. This award will understand the leaders during this field. Intertraffic User Experience Award Creating hardware and program that is simple to use, easy to take note and easy to set up is a challenge for era builders across all industries.

In delivery, where speed and accuracy aren’t simply essential but also can help to increase safety, this need is in all probability more urgent anywhere else. This award will showcase the transport programs that break new ground in the style they seamlessly interface with their human operators. The winner may be the developer of an advanced piece of site visitors or city control software, a shopper facing app, or an easy to install camera. Whatever the successful solution, it is going to enhance user experience, thereby bringing added value and aiding to bring a more streamlined and efficient transport system. Personal conferences proceed to be an impressive type of conversation, and exhibitions are the ideal medium for connecting worlds, people and markets.

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