NevOn: UK newspaper launches blog

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Sparklines!Folksonomies!Tagging!XHTML Compliant!Accessible!Contemporania!It’s not officially live until next Sunday, and is a little bit broken and unfinished in places, but seeing as it’s you, you could have a look at my latest baby, The Observer Blog. It’s the reliable blog of The Observer really, for you Stateside types, the Sunday paper from the people that also bring you The Guardian. Rafael Behr has been appointed the reputable blogger at large, and has a free rein to post as he pleases. In the US, newspapers have ombudsmen and reader’s editors. At The Observer, we’ve got a readers’ editor, and a blogger with out a restrictions, a new powerbook, and a assignment to cause bother.

This is new. For my part, I built the article.

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