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The Potion app connects the inputs on your dashboard, along with Tracked Topics and Analytics, and triggers outputs when bound situations are met. Setup email alerts to notify you and your team when analytic metrics change in a undeniable way. Be notified when competition announce new products or new patents on your field of interested are published. Create automated email reviews to keep your team up to date to adjustments on the dashboard. In this video, we’ll cover how potions are configured generally, what one of the key input and output ingredients are and some common potion configurations.

In this video, titled “Dashboards,” we start by introducing the very basics of using NETVIBES apps in the context of the 3DDashboard. The training software that these videos can be a a part of is meant for customers, and this video in certain may be a bit simplistic for current 3DDashboard users; although, the videos that may follow will include some more advanced tips and tricks and best practices. The videos are performed using an R2020x environment and there were a few UI adjustments lately, related to libraries, so these tutorials are fully up up to now with those changes.

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