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In the early days of Naver’s operation, there has been a relative dearth of webpages available in the Korean language. To fill this void, Naver became an early pioneer in user generated content through the introduction of the ‘Knowledge iN Hangul: 네이버 지식인’ carrier in 2002. In Knowledge iN, users can pose questions on any field and choose among answers offered by other users, awarding points to the users who gives one of the best answers. Knowledge iN was introduced three years before Yahoo!launched its identical ‘Yahoo!Answers’ service, and now possesses a database of over 200 million solutions. Knowledge iN Korean:지식iN, formerly Knowledge Search Korean:지식검색, is a web QandA platform introduced in October 2002.

The tool allows users to ask any question and to receive solutions from other users. Knowledge iN was an early instance of harnessing user generated content material to expand the amount of information accessible on the internet, especially in the Korean language. Bradley Horowitz, former Vice President of Product Strategy at Yahoo!, has cited Knowledge iN as the notion for Yahoo!Answers, which was introduced three years after Naver announced the common carrier.

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