Myth About Appably World of Marketing

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Myth About Appably World of Marketing

Myth About Appably World of Marketing

Myth About Appably World of Marketing

Reading the following article will surprise you with many mistaken myths and conceptions around the world of marketing. Trusting the myths below makes you lose the opportunity to run successful marketing.

What are the myths of marketing that you need to know?

Here we show some marketing myths that need to be known:

Ads are equal to marketing

No, advertising is the process of buying space or time in the media such as newspapers, billboards, television, radio, and the internet. The main goal is to convey promotional messages.

Indeed, advertising is one of the many aspects of marketing, but marketing is further than just advertising. Public relations, media planning, product distribution, sales strategies, customer support, market research, and community involvement are part of comprehensive marketing.

Ads are not always relevant for marketing business strategies, this will depend on each business.

People will always buy at the cheapest price

If this is true, only businesses can give the cheapest prices to survive. Some people do buy when they get the cheapest price, but most people are more interested in getting better product or service value than getting offers at prices below the average.

Running a little marketing method is better than not doing anything

Unfortunately, the reality didn’t say that. Marketing requires fees. But marketing can be obtained for free if you know exactly what you are doing and running a smart and targeted marketing trick.

You don’t need to spend a high cost and there are many channels out there that can help you start. Momentum and consistency are successful key marketing.

Offering many choices to customers will increase your sales

Is that right? Research has shown that it presents many choices to customers usually will reduce sales. This is because when faced with many choices, most customers have difficulty making clear decisions. They finally didn’t make any decisions.

When this happens, you lose sales you should be.

Great products or services have their selling value

Great products or services are very important, but marketing for good products and services is much more important. You must constantly improve quality, and more importantly, you must be able to insert a simple proposition value that can create a buy reaction.

The right way to start is by having a website that shows that you “open a business” and include testimonials that support sales and often communicate with the audience.

With a very good product, marketing in any form is not needed

Unfortunately not so. Although the internet offers a good and inexpensive platform to promote your business to a potential audience, you compete with millions of companies and other websites.

After people come to your website, how many are likely to buy on the first visit? With an average conversion rate of 1 to 3 percent, this is like getting married on the first date.

Marketing hasn’t ended when visitors come to your site. You must constantly establish closeness to customers and emphasize your unique value to make them enter sales with actual purchases. Know anything that can not be in Internet Marketing.

Marketing can create a brand

Not really. This concept states marketing activities, such as advertising and writing content, can convince potential customers to see products in certain ways.

This sometimes works when the product is launched, especially if you want to spend a lot of money and customers can be easily convinced. But often, customer experience on products, which always creates a brand.

Although contrary to popular trust, your brand is not just a logo and motto. Your brand consists of emotions that customers feel when thinking about your product or serving. And even though the emotions can sometimes be triggered by the logo and motto, it is originally inexperienced on products or services.

What about the marketing content?

Marketing Content or Content Marketing is a marketing transformation and no longer a new strategy to apply. But this does not mean that marketing content will not have an impact on the success or failure of your organization or industry.

The myth in marketing content is very difficult to remove. Which one is successful, which one doesn’t? What is the most effective? Where is a good strategy and which one is uselessly applied?

You are new in marketing content or experienced, it can easily slip by these myths. Here are the myths about marketing content, and some things you can do to brush it off.

Videos are too expensive to apply in my content strategy

Many people who struggle in the field of marketing feel the production of video content requires too expensive costs. Two simple things make this myth incorrect.

First, videos provide organizations with good grades exceeding other content choices.

Second, some people assume mistaken that all videos must be polished perfectly, but not this is a matter. When talking about video for marketing strategies, the key is your channel and the story you prote must be more important than the production value.

A strong story produced into a video using a cellphone and published on social media is very acceptable and will not destroy your marketing budget. After all, in an environment dominated by social media, any video will be better than there is no video at all.

So what kind of approach to keep prices low but still give advantages? Instead of producing expensive videos and hope the best, think creatively with marketing guerrilla.

You can run this tactic and make your brand supporters help tell your story through videos. In addition, adequate smartphone cameras are enough to make their videos and share them through social media.

Invite as many people as possible to your website

There is a big difference between getting traffic and receiving correct traffic, especially if you don’t allocate time and money to get it.

Which one is better; Get 100 targeted visitors who are 15 of them to become leads or 1000 visitors but only 5 are leads?

Why focus all your efforts on the length of the article in the mass media publication? The site industry can give you many good prospects, and it’s much easier to reach.

When sales are reduced, “clicks on the website,” not a solution.

You can get hundreds of thousands of visitors on your website and don’t generate sales. Whatever you sell, unless you have the right person, the target audience that comes to your website will not have any good impact on your business.

Social media only channels and not considered marketing content

Although social media indeed becomes an additional channel for content distribution, do not assume the channel can be ignored as a unique marketing opportunity.

Instead of using pure social media to promote your content, treat social media channels as the actual publishing platform. The more your content is following the media channel, the content should be accepted and the better the content represents you.

All content that you produce must be in line with your channel, not someone else

It is true, focus on the channel you have, such as a website or blog, which becomes a safer investment for the long term. But this is not your only investment.

Instead of only concentrating content on its channel, do development for content partnerships with publishers who have the same mission, or find ways to produce and publish content (video or guest blogs) on other channels.

One of the most important goals of the Content Marketing Campaign is to continue to build your audience. Cooperation of partnerships with other parties is a good way.

Even though if you already have a good audience, increase it and continue to establish closeness can be an activity that greatly benefits. And for many brands, this partnership is not a new trend.

We only need many blog posts then we can stop producing content

You can indeed start seeing the effects of many blog articles but this only means you just started.

Instead of creating some content and then stop, it is better to be consistent with regular rhythms. Production of your content may be a little tidal when you know the audience behavior, but make sure you understand that publishing content requires a long-term strategy.

Make sure you make regular posts and show your customer if you are committed to providing important information for them.

Search Engine Optimization and Organic Traffic is too competitive for me to pursue

The assumptions are more and more content is published and shared, the more difficult it to achieve significant traffic from any organic search. This is not always true. First, Google itself still enrolled at least 2 billion questions every year. In addition, there are also millions of topics and niches out there that you can use.

Instead of giving up with SEO, you should strengthen your content marketing team. Writing for pure SEO is no longer valid, especially with Google which now prioritizes quality exceeding keywords. You can still execute the practice of SEO and achieve organic success.

I have to make very long content

You might read many cases that indicate that longer content is superior to short content. As a result, many brands began to switch from traditional articles with 500 words to increase rankings and proximity to the audience.

Although this can be applied in several conditions, there are other situations where the effect can be counterproductive. There are arguments for both sides that you need to consider.

Instead, there is a clear indicator if long content has a better and more attractive ranking. In a study, content with 1800 to 3000 words accepts backlinks and ranks better in search engines.

Readers pay more attention to Koten which takes about 7 minutes to read, which is equivalent to content containing around 1600 words.

But creating long-form content is not always necessary and can be counterproductive. First, even though long content tends to be ranked higher on Google, short content is still in rank.

Even interesting anecdotes appear that prove new trust if only the long content is in Google’s ranking. A website can enter 2nd place on the Google page for competitive keywords, even though the post is quite short.

There are even more important factors that need to be considered before you decide to focus on writing posts throughout 2000 more words, your customers. Although research shows that long posts tend to be more attractive, you need to be careful with how to apply them to your campaign.

Each customer has a different tendency and can you prefer short and short posts.

Talk about conversion, you need to know that long content is not always better than the short one. A longer page may work when you sell a large ticket but long content can also make readers lazy and go from your website.

Instead of assuming long content is always better, you need to test it with different styles to optimize your conversion.

Social media makes email no longer needed

No one can deny that social media has drastically changed the way people interact on the web. But, some people are mistaken by believing that email marketing has become extinct.

Emails remain so the most effective way to promote content, establish two customers and change them into buyers. Even the data shows that email is more effective to change followers than social media.

Establishing a closeness with customers through social media is important to build relations and grow brands. But all objective evidence shows that email is far more effective as a way to get customer conversion, so you still need to consider this aspect for your content marketing campaign.

Content marketing is indeed full of twists and turns, but it is worth so something you try for the long term. If you are serious to be successful, you need to have a clear vision and detailed strategy before launching your campaign.

If you realize the myth and misconception delivered here and you take the steps needed to fix it, you have a better chance to develop marketing to be a higher conversion.

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