Mothernode CRM Bewertungen von verifizierten Nutzern Capterra Deutschland

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Kommentare: Mothernode has made lead control easy. Like any organization, having all your data housed in one place is HUGE, and Mothernode provides us with this answer. From advertising, to steer management, to task management, and even to persistent purchaser provider, they provide you with a way to house all of that within their system alone. When you are having issues and reach out to customer help, they’re extremely quick to remediate your problem.

I have tried Zoho, Salesforce, Shopvox, etc, and NONE of them hold a candle to the purchaser assist we now have received from Mothernode. Vorteile: We are a really good manufacturing agency, and as such, we need software that may adapt to our needs. Mothernode provides you with advertising and marketing, CRM, and ERP answers which is a huge plus for us, seeing that that reduces redundancy and outdated data. On top of this, they can always work with you with any disorders and actively take heed to the developing needs of their purchasers and will update their application according to the demand. Another fantastic feature that actually made us excited to work with them is their integration with Construct Connect/Insight. We are able to seamlessly add new bid jobs in as leads and their tips might be up to date daily.

HUGE timesaver!And they do not upsell you for anything, here is covered with the pricing you do need an Insight account though.

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