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Over the years, the demand generation rivalry has revamped in such a way that the laps are fixed by the percentage of technology allure. In every minute, around 650,000 search queries are raised on Google, 700 plus videos are streamed in YouTube, over 700,000 status updates and 500,000 comments are posted on Facebook, over 65,000 tweets and approximately 180 million e mails are conveyed worldwide. The figures accentuate the plethora of opportunities proffered by the billion dollar poppet of the market, Digital Marketing. Across the segments, digital and social marketing, market research, PR, creative and advertising and demand and lead generation enablers, the heritage of the demand generator is a negligible concern as far as the company benefits ROI for the client’s business. Technavio’s analysts forecast the crater in this niche market, of which the spending is to grow at a CAGR of 8.

79 percent during the period 2016 2020. The organizations that manifested its caliber with offbeat marketing innovations in a cost effective way, came upfront regardless of the experience. This index exists for such genuine breeds thatcarved their own path via vibrant and unique strategic milieu. To assist people conveniently recognize the perfect professionals, siliconindia identifies ‘Most Promising Marketing Companies – 2016’. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry experts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the index of companies in different perceptions. The in depth analysis delved into business practices, services, compared them against industry standards to ensure that the work is of best in class quality and finally led siliconindia to come up with best companies.

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While the list endeavors to facilitate such companies, it also puts forward a comprehensive map for our readers to easily juxtapose the offerings by these firms.