More Efficient Marketing With Native Advertising

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More Efficient Marketing With Native Advertising

More Efficient Marketing With Native Advertising

A marketing concept does require a high level of efficiency. This efficiency depends on the brevity of a campaign reaching its goal, the effort spent to the budget spent. An efficient marketing strategy has always been the dream of a company.

Advertising 10 Years Ago

If we look at the concept of advertising 10 years ago, we can see a fairly long process. If the brand wants the news to appear in certain media in the form of advertorial, the brand will contact the media, asking for rate, deal and publishing process. That’s just one media, what when the brand needs to spread its campaign in 12 media? This will automatically take time and energy.

Native Advertising Brings Efficiency

Native Advertising comes in the form of an Ad-Network, where this ad-network has many publisher partners who are ready to become the ad placement. Froggy Ads, one of the examples of Ad-Network that carries Native Advertising, already has a network of publishers to more than 200 major media in the world. Although the shape is not like Advertorial, but the display of Native Advertising will be blending with the layout of the media site. Its location can be anywhere, on the home page, in articles, related articles and others.

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Native Advertising brings a fairly high efficiency in a marketing process. Advertising with the Native Advertising format in Froggy Ads, means that the brand can easily connect to many large publisher partners in Indonesia and spread the campaign in a short time. The process is simply inserting headlines, descriptions and visuals, then Native ads will quickly appear on the spot that is used as a placement. In addition, brands can choose their own publishers and categories, for example the Female Urban category, the Family category, Male, Health News, and others.

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This type of advertisement can save significant time and energy. One of the features of Native Advertising is how traffic is carried. Speaking of advertorial, a brand is difficult to get traffic to its website because advertorial is just like a paid article, where a lot of content is read and few links about the brand’s website.

While in Native Ads, once the audience clicks on the ad, the audience will be taken directly to the brand website so that they can interact directly with the product. The process used is finally enough to shorten the user journey rather than an advertorial, the possibility of a user visit the website will be greater and deeper key messages conveyed by the brand.

The efficiency of Native Advertising that carries this format is loved by many brands. Any campaign carried by the brand, for example, distributing article content, registration forms, to promos and redeem can be distributed through native advertising. Relevance through headlines and visuals will attract the audience to visit the brand campaign.