more blog advertising networks that aren’t BlogHer

I’m currently struggling with turning out to be my audience and elevating my visitors numbers…it’s not as easy as it sounds. ha I have an argument with AdSense…I’ve blogged on and off for over 10 years, but never publicly and never with the purpose to earn any income from it. I implemented for AdSense YEARS ago, when it was fresh, not understanding what it was and naturally, I was denied. When I tried again after beginning this new public blog in March 2016!I was denied again. I followed the “tips” advice that came with my email denial and set up a new account and carried out again.

Same thing. Denied. At one point, I by accident signed up using my husband’s gmail account he’d been using my laptop and I didn’t discover he hadn’t signed out!and WAS ACCEPTED?!?!The man barely knows what a blog is!Argh. So now I don’t know what to do. The best I can tell, you have to have AdSense to monetize on YouTube?is that even right?but I don’t want to ought to use his account to create a YT channel and stream vids to my blog from there!Can anyone help me understand this mess?Google is no help in anyway. YET!I become aware of I’m extraordinarily new, so I’m being affected person.

I puzzled though, does the truth that my blog doesn’t fit neatly into one niche cause an issue?My tagline is “living with diabetes, melancholy and HOPE!” but I also post about our years of homeschooling and family life and likewise I share the story of our 30+ year marriage that has survived regardless of a horribly dark, painful secret that may be in the end, being healed. So I post a lot about marriage and coping with certain issues successfully. My preliminary reason for going public with this blog, anyway incomes somewhat income, was to share this story after all the years of affliction in silence in order that expectantly others won’t move through an identical thing, wondering they are the simplest ones. It is associated with a scientific office’s facebook page and website because of this story. Thanks for any perception!if you are looking to read our story, click “the dark secret” at the tip of my blog.

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