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This MoPub Terms of Service “Agreement” between You, a Publisher Partner, and Twitter, Inc. , successor in interest to MoPub, Inc. , on behalf of itself and its affiliates, adding Twitter International Company together, “MoPub” constitutes the terms and prerequisites for Your use of the MoPub Marketplace carrier the “Marketplace” and/or the MoPub ad serving program “Ad Serving Service”. The Ad Serving Service and the Marketplace are spoke of jointly during this Agreement as the “Services” and separately, as a “Service.

” “You” or “Your” means you or another person or entity diagnosed in any Service account on whose behalf you are authorized to act. a The Marketplace allows You, as a Publisher Partner, to provide and sell elements of an application that You designate for placement of ads “Inventory” to any advertiser, demand side platform, ads community or other player in the Marketplace, which may include Twitter or its affiliates, who bids to buy Inventory listed by You via the Marketplace “Advertising Demand Partners”. Advertising Demand Partners may demonstrate and serve their ads on Inventory made available via Your applications collectively, “Publisher Network”, based upon the promoting criteria selected by You via the MoPub UI. MoPub will remit a percent of the “Net Marketplace Revenue” as defined below that MoPub receives from the sale of Your Inventory to Advertising Demand Partners, in US Dollars. The amount resulting from making use of such percentage to the Net Marketplace Revenue might be the “Revenue Share Fee.

” “Net Marketplace Revenue” means fees definitely accrued by MoPub from Advertising Demand Partners in reference to any Demand Ads served to the Publisher Network, less any media buying fees or bid reductions, operating fees, fraud, chargebacks, refunds, uncollected quantities, credit card processing fees and other comparatively cheap deductions. MoPub will remit to You the Revenue Share Fee within 60 days after the last day of the calendar month during which MoPub acquired the applicable Net Marketplace Revenue, given that no remittances will be made for any amount lower than $100 USD and any unpaid income will rollover and accrue to a better remittance period. If You are both a Marketplace client and an Ad Serving Service client, then, at MoPub’s election, MoPub may offset the Net Marketplace Revenue owed to You by the quantity of Ad Serving Service Fees as defined below owed to MoPub by You. MoPub will investigate how to degree the number of impressions, inquiries, conversions, clicks, offers, installations, or other movements taken by third events in connection with Demand Ads, and all remittances could be according to MoPub’s measurements, which shall be final. “Taxes” means any and all withholding, sales, use, value added or other taxes, duties or fees which are imposed by any jurisdiction on the transactions described during this Agreement, other than taxes according to MoPub’s net income.

You are liable for all Taxes if any linked with the Services. Each party shall remit the amounts due after deducting any and all Taxes which will be applicable to any relevant remittances. Specifically, MoPub may deduct or withhold any withholding taxes that MoPub may be legally obligated to deduct or withhold from any quantities due to You under the Agreement, and remittance to You as reduced by such deductions or withholdings will represent full remittance and settlement of amounts due to You under the Agreement. If a tax authority consequently finds that MoPub’s withholding tax fee insufficient and requires additional bills, MoPub will make such payments and You will reimburse MoPub for such additional withholding tax payments, or MoPub may, at its election, deduct such quantities from amounts due to You. Within an inexpensive amount of time, MoPub will supply You with documentation evidencing its withholding tax payments. b Your Account.

You will protect the MoPub debts You use to access any of the Services each, an “Account” and any usernames, passwords, verification codes, and every other account access or authentication tips associated with the Account “Credentials” towards any unauthorized access and use, and could take full accountability for Your own, and any licensed or unauthorized third party, use of the Credentials or the Account. You will ensure that all assistance in Your Account, including, but not restricted to, full name, touch handle, and bank account suggestions is contemporary, comprehensive and accurate. You well known and agree that any remittances owed to You in reference to Your use of the Services may be behind schedule in the development that Your Account guidance is not up to date, comprehensive and accurate. You may only grant access to Your Account to third parties accepted by MoPub solely to permit such third parties to access and manage Your Account on Your behalf; provided, though, that You shall i require that such third events comply with be bound by the terms of this Agreement; ii ensure that such third parties comply fully with all provisions of this Agreement, and iii be fully liable and chargeable for the acts and omissions of such third parties. Misrepresenting ownership and fraudulent claiming of functions in the MoPub UI is precisely prohibited and may bring about an enduring ban from the Services.

You agree that to the extent You create a new Account, it must be pre approved by MoPub and registered to You under an identical entity or name as your other Accounts; if not pre authorised or registered with the same entity or name, any right to any remittance is immediately waived by You. In order to make payments in reference to Your use of Marketplace, MoPub uses 0,33 party charge processor “Payment Processor” to link the payment guidance You supply, including Your handle, tax and bank account information, to the Marketplace and Your Account. The processing of payments in reference to Your use of the Services may be problem to the terms, stipulations and privacy policies of the Payment Processor, PayPal and/or Your bank moreover this Agreement. You must post and abide by a conspicuous and legally sufficient privacy policy on each application and/or provider of the Publisher Network that must divulge the assortment of Service Data by third parties similar to MoPub for personalized advertising purposes. You will comply with all relevant laws, rules, and rules relating to the collection, use and sharing of information about any user who views, is able to view, or interacts with any Demand Ad or Publisher Ad in reference to Your Use of any of the Services “End Users”.

You must post, and if Your Publisher Network includes third party apps, then You will contractually require such third events to post, such privacy policy on all applications in Your Publisher Network. e Misleading Impressions. You shall not, and shall not allow or inspire third parties to run “robots” or “spiders” against any of Your Publisher Network or use any means to artificially growth the selection of impressions or End User taps or clicks on Publisher Ads or Demand Ads displayed on Your Publisher Network “Clicks” via the Marketplace, including, but not limited to by conducting any of the following actions: i encouraging Clicks on banners with offers of cash, prizes or anything of value in change for amenities other than Rewarded Offers that are compliant with this Agreement jointly, “Inducements”, or b using a design that encourages or is fairly likely to cause unintentional or unintended Clicks by the user on any Demand Ads “Unintended Clicks”. You characterize and warrant that there aren’t any fraudulent clicks, Inducements, or Unintended Clicks via the Publisher Network. You agree to indemnify and hold innocent MoPub with admire to any claims by an Advertiser related to allegations related to Clicks, Inducements, Unintended Clicks, or Rewarded Offers. MoPub shall not be chargeable for any advertisements fees in keeping with fraudulent Clicks, Inducements, and/or Unintended Clicks.

Final judgment on what constitutes fraudulent Clicks, Inducement and/or Unintended Clicks shall be in the sole discretion of MoPub. f Other Prohibited Actions. You will not, and could not allow any third party to: i at once or not directly access, launch or prompt any of the Services, MoPub Code, Protocol, or another MoPub generation, content material, application, materials and/or documentation jointly, the “MoPub Materials” via or from, or otherwise comprise any MoPub Materials in, any software, application, site or other means aside from in Your designated Publisher Network as permitted under this Agreement during the Term as defined below; ii copy, distribute, rent, sell, lease, lend, sublicense, move any MoPub Materials or make any Service readily available to any third party except as expressly set forth and according to this Agreement; iii decompile, opposite engineer, or disassemble the MoPub Materials; iv create derivative works based on the MoPub Materials; v modify, remove, or difficult to understand any proprietary notices or legends that appear on the MoPub Materials or during the use and operation thereof; vi use any MoPub Materials to without delay or indirectly generate queries, or impressions of or clicks on Demand Ads, via any automatic, misleading, fraudulent or other invalid means including, but not restricted to, any strategies defined in Section 4e above; vii create or attempt to create a replacement or identical carrier or product to any Service via use of or access to any of any MoPub Materials or proprietary advice associated thereto; viii use or modify any characteristic or functionality of a Service to assemble individually identifiable suggestions; or ix engage in any action or apply that displays poorly on MoPub or otherwise disparages or devalues MoPub’s popularity or goodwill. g No Endorsement. You acknowledge and agree that MoPub is not affiliated with or answerable for any third party items or amenities You may decide to manage with any Service.

MoPub reserves the proper, but will haven’t any responsibility, to edit, modify, refuse to post or remove any content material, in whole or partly, that in MoPub’s sole and absolute discretion, deems objectionable, misguided, illegal, fraudulent or otherwise in violation of this Agreement. MoPub has no obligation to video display the content material of any Demand Ad or Publisher Ad. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MoPub may remove or block any Demand Ad or Publisher Ad if MoPub somewhat determines that such action is acceptable to forestall errors or any other harm with recognize to the Service, it violates MoPub’s Policies, or to bypass or limit MoPub’s liability. j Third Party Services. MoPub may use third party facilities suppliers to make certain amenities available to You, adding to view functionality metrics.

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Such third party services may change at any time, in MoPub’s sole discretion. You are solely liable for the use and security of any bills made readily available by way of such third party amenities and You are solely answerable for any activities of any person licensed by You to have access to such bills. MoPub can also come with third party program provided by Integral Ad Science, Inc. “IAS” and Moat, Inc. “Moat in the SDK to help certain traits e. g.

, viewability, fraud, geo verification, and other size reporting that may be made available through such third events’ facilities, including to You, advertisers, demand side platforms, and other individuals in the Marketplace. You have the choice to disable or remove this third party program by following the opt out commands in the MoPub documentation presently positioned here. By integrating the SDK without disabling or removing this third party program, You renowned and agree that IAS’ privacy policy currently positioned at and IAS’s SDK license contract currently placed at , and Moat’s privacy policy presently located at , Moat’s terms of service currently positioned at , and Moat’s SDK license contract presently positioned at , respectively, as may be up to date by IAS and Moat now and again, apply to Your integration and use in their software. k International Compliance. You will not use MoPub to serve Publisher Ads or Demand Ads from, or target Publisher Ads or Demand Ads to, international locations, entities, or americans subject to U.

S. trade sanctions or other U. S. export handle laws. You will not use any MoPub Materials in connection with any Publisher Network, or a part of Publisher Network, it is allotted or in a different way made readily available to any international locations, entities, or individuals issue to U. S.

trade sanctions or other U. S. export manage laws. Further, You symbolize and warrant that You i aren’t placed in, under the handle of, or a national or resident of any country to which america has embargoed goods or services; ii aren’t identified as a “Specially Designated National” by the Office of Foreign Assets Control; iii are not placed on the U. S. Commerce Department’s Denied Persons List; and iv won’t access or use any of the Services if any relevant laws in Your country prohibit You from doing so in accordance with this Agreement.

l Controller Relationship. You acknowledge that You and MoPub are each impartial controllers of the personal data from End Users located in European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland processed so as to give you the Services and that MoPub will separately determine the purposes and technique of processing described during this Agreement. In no event will the parties procedure personal data as joint controllers. Each party shall be individually and one at a time chargeable for the obligations that apply to it as a controller with recognize to the processing of personal data from End Users located in European Economic Area, the UK, and Switzerland. Twitter International Company is the information controller with respect to the processing of any private data from End Users external of the US, including those positioned in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

n California Terms. You are chargeable for compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, California Civil Code Section 1798. 100, et seq. “CCPA”. If You use the Services in a way that causes MoPub to assemble private advice from California residents, You will provide all notices and offer all opt out decisions required by the CCPA in accordance with the MoPub Policies for Publisher Partners. If you don’t explain to California residents that they might opt out of any sales in their personal guidance through the use of the mobile platform settings as described in the MoPub Policies for Publisher Partners, or if relevant, you don’t transmit to MoPub opt outs obtained via your writer owned consent mechanism in accordance with MoPub’s documentation, you may not send MoPub any ad requests for MoPub Marketplace or MoPub Advanced Bidding for California citizens that have opted out of the sale in their non-public guidance under the CCPA.

Where and solely to the level MoPub gets ad requests from You in accordance with the MoPub Policies for Publisher Partners for California citizens that have opted out of the sale in their non-public counsel, for those ad requests, MoPub will act as your provider issuer as explained by the CCPA and could not retain, use or reveal any non-public assistance apart from i for functions of appearing responsibilities under this Agreement, adding by offering Your bid requests to Advertising Demand Partners to let them bid on and display and serve their ads on Your Inventory based upon the selling criteria selected by You via the MoPub UI, to cap the frequency of ads, for conversion, dimension, and reporting functions, for fraud detection functions, or for another enterprise objective; or ii as may in a different way be permitted for carrier providers in the CCPA. The provisions of this Section 4n are advantageous solely to the level the CCPA applies. The terms during this paragraph shall supersede contradictory language in this Agreement and shall have the meaning given to them under the CCPA. a License to MoPub Platform. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, You shall have the right in the course of the Term to access and use the MoPub Platform solely for purposes of: a appearing projections of ads impact inventories that may be readily available during the MoPub Platform, b importing and storing Publisher Ads for beginning during the MoPub Platform, c selecting concentrated on and delivery standards for the start of Publisher Ads, and d receiving reports of ads requests, impressions and other data associated to the start of ads through the MoPub Platform.

c Fees for the Ad Serving Service. MoPub reserves the correct to charge You fees for Your use of the Ad Serving Service the “Ad Serving Fees”. MoPub will supply notice prior to altering Ad Serving Fees. Subject to MoPub’s offset right set forth in Section 2, MoPub will invoice You monthly for relevant Ad Serving Fees and You agree to pay all such amounts within 30 days of the applicable bill date. Any amounts due that aren’t acquired by the applicable due date might be situation to a late fee of 1.

5% per 30 days, or the greatest charge permitted by law, whichever is less. You are liable for all Taxes if any linked with the Ad Serving Service other than Taxes in keeping with MoPub’s net income, and You shall pay all quantities due without any withholding or deduction for Taxes or in another way. d Revenue Reporting. MoPub may offer revenue reporting for sure third party mediation ad networks that have been licensed and accredited by MoPub “Mediation Partners”. Revenue reporting allows You to view in the MoPub UI Your income, request, influence, and click data for those Mediation Partners that You have elected to work with in reference to Your use of the Services “Revenue Reporting”. In order to enable Revenue Reporting for a Mediation Partner, You must have a valid account with the Mediation Partner “Network Account” and supply the credentials as a licensed user for the Network Account to MoPub in order that MoPub may access, gather and use data from the Network Account to give you the Revenue Reporting.

By permitting Revenue Reporting and providing MoPub with the credentials to Your Network Account, You authorize MoPub to access, assemble and use data, adding impression, click, request, eCPM, revenue and fill rate data, concerning Your Network Account with the Mediation Partner, and You signify and warrant that i You are a certified user of the Network Account, ii You have all mandatory rights to authorize MoPub to access and use Your Network Account to supply Revenue Reporting, and iii access, assortment and use of the data from Your Network Account doesn’t and will not violate any third party agreements or policies adding with Mediation Partners. You may only use Revenue Reporting for internal commercial enterprise purposes solely in reference to the MoPub Services, including for functions of optimization, ad stock allocation and other related functions on the MoPub Services. You realize and well known that Revenue Reporting data is offered by the Mediation Partners and MoPub shall not be chargeable for discrepancies in reporting, or for the functionality or outcomes of Mediation Partners. The term of this Agreement will begin on the date You create a Service account via the MoPub UI and comply with the terms of this Agreement, and could continue until terminated by either party as offered in this Agreement “Term”. You may terminate this Agreement, with or without cause, at any time by sending written via email notice to the address and phone set forth in Section 15c below; on condition that such termination will become constructive upon the earlier of 10 business days after MoPub’s receipt of such notice or the date upon which, after receiving such notice, MoPub suspends Your potential to access or use the Service or terminates Your Account.

MoPub may terminate this Agreement or any Account, with or without cause, in MoPub’s sole discretion, at any time. Upon termination of this Agreement, a any licenses granted to You during this Agreement will instantly terminate, and You must immediately cease all use of any of the Services, as well as any MoPub Code, and damage or erase all copies, full or partial, of any MoPub Code or Protocol in Your possession or handle. Further, upon expiration or termination, if You are a Marketplace client and if Your account steadiness is lower than US$50 the “Termination Threshold”, such earned stability below the Termination Threshold aren’t paid and could automatically be forfeited and MoPub will own any such amounts. If Your earned stability at the time of expiration or termination is greater than the Termination Threshold, MoPub will remit the amount earned within approximately 90 days of the end of the month of expiration or termination to You. MoPub will effort to pay You for undisputed amounts earned and unpaid, even though, if MoPub is unable to remit payment to You due to You or instances beyond MoPub’s manage, You will automatically forfeit all such quantities and MoPub will own such a quantities.

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In connection with the operation of any Service, MoPub and You may assemble and obtain Service Data. “Service Data” contains any counsel that You or MoPub gather during the beginning of ads or the functionality of obligations under this Agreement, adding End User device information, End User’s session based shopping behavior, information about ads served, viewed, or clicked on, http header tips, and any other data that You elect to provide MoPub. You agree that MoPub can have the right to: a use and reveal Service Data i to provide any of the Services, ii for its internal business purposes, iii to enhance any products or amenities provided by MoPub, and iv to enable, and allow for the improvement of, facilities offered by Advertising Demand Partners and other third party partners; b use and divulge Service Data as may be required by law or legal procedure; and c use and expose Service Data when it is aggregated, such that it does not name You, any End User, or individual device. You may use Service Data that You acquire for Your internal enterprise purposes as long as such use is in compliance with all relevant privacy insurance policies, laws, rules, rules and industry self regulatory regimes concerning the collection, use and disclosure of Service Data, and that You obtain any and all is of the same opinion, waivers, approvals, authorizations and clearances from End Users which will be required by relevant laws in connection therewith. a Confidentiality.

You agree not to expose MoPub Confidential Information defined below with out MoPub’s prior written consent and to use as a minimum a similar degree of care to forestall unauthorized use and disclosure of such MoPub Confidential Information as You use with appreciate to Your own exclusive suggestions but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care. “MoPub Confidential Information” contains any and all counsel it is disclosed by MoPub, either directly or indirectly, in writing, orally or by inspection of actual objects, which if disclosed in writing or tangible form is marked as “Confidential,” or with some similar designation, or if disclosed orally, is identified as being proprietary and/or personal at the time of disclosure, or under the cases and nature of the assistance can be reasonably deemed to be confidential, and consists of the characteristics and capability of any Service. MoPub Confidential Information does not come with tips that: a is or turns into in general known to the public through no fault of or breach of this Agreement by You; b is rightfully known by You at the time of disclosure without an obligation of confidentiality; c is independently developed by the You without use of or reference to MoPub’s Confidential Information and without any violation of any responsibility of this Agreement; or d You rightfully obtain from a third party lawfully in possession of such advice with out limit on use or disclosure. c Ownership. As among the events, MoPub retains OK, title and attention in and to the Services and MoPub Materials and any fabrics created, built or provided by MoPub in reference to this Agreement, including all Intellectual Property Rights as explained below associated to all of the foregoing. As between the parties, except as set forth herein, You and Your licensors retain okay, title and interest in and to the Publisher Network, adding all Intellectual Property Rights associated thereto.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means If You supply any feedback or ideas to MoPub in reference to this Agreement or any Service or MoPub Materials “Feedback”, You conform to assign and hereby does assign okay, title and attention in and to such Feedback to MoPub. You renowned that some characteristics of the Services may be experimental in nature. MoPub does not signify or warrant that the Services are reliable, accurate, comprehensive, or otherwise free from defects. Accordingly, the Services are made available to be used “AS IS,” and any use thereof may be undertaken solely at Your own risk. MoPub reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to come with or cease providing the Services at any time situation to note as may be required herein, and MoPub doesn’t give or enter into any stipulations, warranties or other terms in regards to the Services. MoPub does not control, advise or adopt any Demand Ads or Publisher Ads and makes no representation or warranties of any kind regarding the content of any Demand Ads or Publisher Ads, including, with out difficulty, related to the accuracy, completeness or decency of any Demand Ads or Publisher Ads.

MoPub makes no warranties, specific or implied, with admire to challenge matter of this Agreement, and expressly disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability, non infringement, title, health for a particular objective, and implied warranties bobbing up from course of dealing or performance. For the avoidance of doubt, MoPub doesn’t guarantee the consequences of the Services or that the Services might be correct, uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Services are free of viruses or other damaging accessories, that the Services can be operable always or during any down time i attributable to outages to any public Internet backbones, networks or servers, ii attributable to any failures of Your apparatus, approaches or local access services, iii for previously scheduled upkeep or iv regarding events beyond MoPub’s or its wholly owned subsidiaries or associates’ manage akin to strikes, riots, rebellion, fires, floods, explosions, war, governmental action, labor conditions, earthquakes, herbal failures, or interruptions in Internet services to a neighborhood where MoPub or its wholly owned subsidiaries or associates or Your servers can be found or co located. MOPUB WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY HEREUNDER FOR ANY PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, RELIANCE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST BUSINESS, REVENUE, OR ANTICIPATED PROFITS, WHETHER BASED ON BREACH OF CONTRACT, TORT INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE, AND WHETHER OR NOT MOPUB WAS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT WILL MOPUB’S LIABILITY AND DAMAGES, WHETHER BASED ON BREACH OF CONTRACT, TORT INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE, ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO ANY SERVICE OR THIS AGREEMENT EXCEED $500. THE PARTIES AGREE THAT THE EXISTENCE OF MORE THAN ONE CLAIM SHALL NOT INCREASE THE FOREGOING LIMIT, AND THAT THE LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY SET FORTH IN THIS SECTION WILL APPLY EVEN IF ANY LIMITED REMEDY SPECIFIED IN THIS AGREEMENT IS FOUND TO HAVE FAILED OF ITS ESSENTIAL PURPOSE.

You characterize and warrant that: a You have and will maintain during the Term all rights, authorizations and licenses adding without obstacle any Intellectual Property Rights that are required with respect to i the Publisher Network, ii to display Demand Ads and Publisher Ads on the Publisher Network, iii to allow MoPub to perform the facilities pondered under this Agreement and iv to grant the rights You grant herein; b You won’t advertise something illegal or engage in any illegal or fraudulent commercial enterprise observe; c all of the suggestions offered by You to MoPub to join any Service is accurate, exact, complete and current always; d You have all mandatory right, power, and authority to go into into this Agreement and to perform the acts required of You hereunder; e if You are entering into this Agreement, or in a different way gaining access to or using any Service, on behalf of some other person or entity, You are approved to go into into this Agreement and getting access to and using such Service on such person or entity’s behalf; f You have complied and could proceed to adjust to all relevant laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations adding without drawback any valuable data protection or privacy laws in Your performance of any acts hereunder, and You won’t cause MoPub to be in violation of any relevant laws; g You adjust to and feature any and all consents, waivers, approvals, authorizations and clearances from End Users to permit MoPub to collect and use the Service Data in accordance with this Agreement including Section 9, and as may be required for MoPub to provide facilities hereunder; h You will at all times adjust to MoPub Policies; and i Publisher Ads do not now nor will in the future infringe upon or violate any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party, adding but not limited to any patent, You agree to indemnify, defend and hold MoPub, its licensors, independent contractors and suppliers, and its and their agents, directors, officials, and employees jointly “Indemnified Persons” harmless from and towards any and all third party claims, legal responsibility, loss, and cost adding damage awards, settlement amounts, and cheap legal fees, brought towards any Indemnified Persons, coming up out of, associated to or which may arise from i the Publisher Network, Your use of any Service, and/or Your breach of any term of this Agreement, ii any claim or allegation that any Publisher Ad or content material of a Publisher Ad infringes upon, violate, or misappropriate any Intellectual Property Rights, or slander, defame, or libel any person, iii Your failure to secure all consents, licenses, waivers, rights, title, and interest mandatory to display the Publisher Ads, iv Your failure to comply with the MoPub Policies, v or with admire to the Marketplace, Your failure to secure all rights, title, and interest mandatory to sell the Inventory and serve the Demand Ads onto the Publisher Network. You agree not to settle any claim against any Indemnified Persons with out MoPub’s prior written consent. f Amendment. MoPub reserves the proper to vary or modify any of the terms and stipulations contained during this Agreement or applicable insurance policies at any time and in its sole discretion upon providing notice to You. Any adjustments or modification may be useful instantly upon posting the revised Agreement on the MoPub UI, and You waive any right You may need to get hold of additional notice of such alterations or adjustments. Your continued use of any Service following the posting of any revised Agreement will represent your agreement to be bound by the revised Agreement.

If You do not comply with any terms of the amended Agreement, You must stop using the Services.