MonetizeMore Review: Best Programmatic Yield Management Platform for Publishers

Over the past five years, MonetizeMore has grown to optimize the unsold ad inventories of thousands of publishers that extend over 240M unique guests per thirty days. Google had observed the functionality and value MonetizeMore has delivered to the industry and determined to grant MonetizeMore licensed accomplice status. It offers its publishers with AdX bills, DFP integration with AdX, in order that the publisher can create line items that can finished with Ad networks including AdX and provide the mazimum return to it’s publishers. These initiatives led to 20% 50% boom in ad sales of its publishers. MonetizeMore portrays a firstclass functionality via proprietary ad optimization methods and era and is a tough rival for a couple of ad optimization internet sites that exists.

It prevents the ad community money owed of its publishers from getting banned and secures their ad earnings streams. There are few requirements for publishers to companion with MonetizeMore, its policy team would make certain that its writer’s internet sites are Google Compliant, it also takes needed measures to dam invalid online page site visitors. For top rate publishers it prices a fee when it has greater their ad revenues. Integrating with MonetizeMore is pretty simple and straightforward, publishers ought to create an account with MonetizeMore, they screen the website and offer access to Google Ad Exchange and publishers must copy paste their ad tags into the website or ad server to start producing income. It helps in 30% to 70% boom in ad revenues and risk free pricing for its publishers. Its dedicated Ad optimization team helps with monetization consulting for ad placements, content and information method, so as to offer real time counsel to its publishers.

My personal event with Monetizemore chat help and email support has been so far great. They ensure all request are thoroughly taken care of and the e-mail queries are spoke back with 30 minutes. Double click ad exchange offers websites real time access to major ad calls for available with Google Adsence, this along with complex focused on applied sciences would drive the publisher’s site towards better performance. Monetize More takes expertise of these additional optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximise the ad revenues of its clients. It tackles ad optimization through a combination of proprietary manual optimization concepts with the most recent era to yield better effects, optimization flexibility and to maintain direct ad community and publisher relationships across the optimization technique.

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