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Google Ad Exchange is the only ad trade that offers real time access to major demand resources, plus all the demand of Google AdSense. That, coupled with more complex targeting technology results in better performance. We make the most of the extra optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximize your ad revenues. Check out more facets and pricing about our Ad Exchange Plan here. Google’s Ad Exchange or AdX, now a part of Google Ad Manager, is designed for giant brand advertisers and premium publishers.

Joining AdX gives publishers the skill to access advertisers which are used to paying high CPM AKA. Ad RPM rates for ad impressions. Publishers can get access to Google Ad Exchange top class demand by signing up with MonetizeMore via this page. Google is a multi faceted agency that owns and operates many agencies. Google owns and operates an ad exchange called the Google Ad Exchange, which is now a part of Google Ad Manager. You can join their ad exchange by signing up via a accomplice such as MonetizeMore or, if you’re a writer that gets 100Ms of pageviews per 30 days, getting an invite from Google.

To sign in for Google Ad Exchange you can get access to all demand AdSense demand plus top class advertiser demand. You can sign in to Ad Exchange through a partner such as MonetizeMore Via this page or by getting an invite from Google. Google only without delay invitations publishers with 100Ms of pageviews per 30 days. If you haven’t already obtained an invite, then you definitely’ll only be in a position to get access via a companion.

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