Moment Marketing: Knowing good marketing at the right time

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Moment Marketing Knowing good marketing at the right time

Moment Marketing: Knowing good marketing at the right time

Moment Marketing Knowing good marketing at the right time

Ever heard of marketing moments? This is one of the secrets behind why some campaigns get more attraction than others. They communicate when consumers are most willing to listen and interact.

And believe me, the marketer behind this campaign is not a psychologist. They only understand the situation and behavior of consumers better than others. They know the importance of moments and when to be useful to use it.

Moreover, in this solid world of information, a prominent business is a business that knows how to communicate the right thing at the right time. This brings us to the concept of Moment Marketing.

What is a Moment Marketing?

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Moment Marketing utilizes the right message at the right time. Although it seems magical spontaneously, there are also several campaigns planned weeks before.

This “magical” and “spontaneity” produces a large potential of viruses, but the same risk also creates a very large possible error.

Moment Marketing uses an offline experience, especially on TV shows and sports events, to encourage or trigger online interactions. This type of marketing connects people with a brand as if they all sat together in the same room.

But to succeed in doing it, you must align the content and context perfectly, and this is not always easy to do.

The right thing at the right time

Moment marketing is about finding the right time to convey the right message.

The most important thing is that you are there to communicate your message when customers are very willing to listen.

Content marketing is the perfect example for capturing moments. For example if you search for keywords on Google about “inbound marketing” to learn more about the term as done by many marketers who want to know.

The first result is hubspot. Hubspot is a company that develops tools to help inbound marketing.

What’s interesting is that the results are not advertisements to promote hubspot products. It is a comprehensive article to educate readers about the benefits of inbound marketing. The company really took advantage of this moment.

Now if you are looking for a tool to help do inbound marketing, Hubspot has become one of the main considerations of some people, because they already know the company and gain trust with the article.

Micro Moment

With the many cellular devices that become an integral part of our daily lives, there are fundamental changes in the way we consume media now. Most likely you read this article on your smartphone or will check your smartphone next time … Say 5 minutes.

In the past, this was unpredictable, but now our interactions with the online world are most throughout the day. What is needed is only a few beats … to check the time, send an email to the client, send an SMS to a friend, or chat on social media.

And then there are other important moments like – I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy, etc. Which forces you to choose a cellphone and open the application or search the internet.

All of this is considered a micro moment or micro moment that proved to be a modifier of games for brands and consumers.

For example, every time you read the novel and find a new word, you will take your smartphone, open Google and search for meaning.

I’m sure you do it!

According to WSJ, 91% of smartphone users are looking for information on their smartphones while working on assignments. Even though this looks like a small moment, this hand in hand with other moments and results in forming our preferences.

69% of tourists use their smartphones to look for travel ideas during free time such as standing in line or waiting for food in the restaurant. Nearly half of them then used a completely separate channel to finally order a trip.

Similarly, 82% of smartphone users consulted with their cellphones before deciding what products will be purchased at the supermarket.

Now, if you don’t take advantage of the early moments, it will be very difficult for you to start at the next stage of their Sales Funnel. Your focus here must develop a marketing channel that covers all this micro moment.

Many companies do the same thing.

Take examples of eCommerce companies. There are many people who usually buy clothes from Tokopedia. And usually look for discount coupons or pieces of coupon sites. And if they don’t get a coupon or price discount, they will leave the shopping basket meraka

A few weeks later, the company runs ads on Google that targets the keyword ‘Tokopedia discount’ and gives you coupons so that you prevent you from leaving the basket and saving commissions paid to the partner’s website.

They managed to take advantage of that moment.

Success Tips to Moment Marketing

Clarify your goals

It is very important that the first step in each marketing campaign is to determine what the success is. Without clear arrangements for the entire team, agency, and media buyers, you will not be able to ensure that you have an integrated strategy. After your goal is clear, you can build a strategy to make sure it is achieved.

The most successful marketing campaign must be Selarasd with wider marketing purposes. Moment Marketing Campaign You can help strengthen your brand messages and increase range, complement the existing ads to help create emotional relationships with your brand, or can be used to involve and captivate your main audience at the most important moments for them.

Find out what affects your brand

Does your brand focus on TV? Or does social media trends very important to you?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself before starting the Moment Marketing campaign. After you identify external factors that have the biggest impact on your brand, you proceed to the next step to start planning your moments.

Plan beforehand

Lots of events and moments that you can use to trigger your marketing moment. Making calendar tactical events that will come is very important to ensure the sound of your brand is heard during this big moment. This event is often widely known and therefore can be planned.

Depending on your brand, you might want to focus on big sports events such as the World Cup, Thomas Uber, FA Cup, or other sporting events. However, the elegant brand might want to focus on events such as Oscar, Cannes Film Festival, or Ascot, and the automotive brand wants to launch advertisements for convertible cars when the weather is bright and warm.

Adjust to the season

After you take into account the events you know will occur or important moments in the future, it is time to start planning a moment that you cannot predict.

Temperature changes, up and down pollen and pollution levels, rainfall and even sunset and published all affect consumer behavior and must be taken into account in the plan. Using the Moment Marketing platform will allow you to launch a digital marketing campaign based on these elements.

Set rules and select Inventory

After identifying the best moments and other factors that affect fans, you need to make sure that you have set a rule to create an effective campaign.

For example, brand vacation products may want to launch search ad campaigns after rain fall for more than 20 minutes, because you want the conversion immediately.

However, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, then sunbathing lotion companies can launch social campaigns every time the temperature is higher than 16 degrees.

The search campaign is often best applied when you want to convince consumers to buy a product. However, social campaigns are often best to build your brand and deepen the relationship between your core values ​​and certain moments.

Monitor and Optimize

As with all other marketing strategies, it is important to review each campaign and assess its impact on consumers. Performance must be shared with all teams so that this learning can be included in planning your next campaign.

Looking back in a long period of time means you can track and catch whatever trend you see. You might see that advertising based on sports events is the most successful, therefore you want to invest more on this in the future.


Moment Marketing is the ideal way to get attention and connect with the audience, especially in certain events or moments. But to be successful, you need to recognize perfect opportunities and pair it with timely content.

The potential to be viral is here but a big risk always comes with a potential big loss. Sometimes sudden changes or moments that don’t fit the campaign can backfire, but if you keep remembering the audience, you will be able to reach the target and go home as a winner.

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