Mobile Web and Mobile Apps as the Crucial Elements of Modern Consumer Experience

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The way of living of a typical modern person is vastly various from what can be observed just 15 20 years ago. It can be defined as “busy” and “always on”. Mobile instruments providing the user with easy Internet access have definitely played a big part in developing this way of living. All facets of widespread life and business were affected: conversation, schooling, entertainment and, for sure, commerce. A recent study carried out by IAB US together with 17 IABs throughout the area aims to highlight the most recent trends in customer behavior among mobile Internet users and to evaluate their reactions to mobile ads.

This article goes to focus on the key takeaways of the research. Speaking of advertisements, IAB’s analysis uncovers high effectivity of mobile ads. An overwhelming variety of mobile users 88% and 84% for mobile web/apps, respectively access the Internet via mobile web and/or apps on a daily basis, often doing it assorted times a day. Those users also showcase high focus of mobile advertisements: almost all of them 90% for mobile web, 86% for mobile apps bear in mind seeing mobile ads over a few days because the initial appearing, and about half of them have come what may interacted with the ad in Russia, the most typical action is visiting the logo’s website after seeing the ad. One more point of interest is the sort of content and exercise that smartphone users tend to use mobile web and mobile apps for. On common, the respondents visit 6 mobile internet sites and use 6 mobile apps on a standard day.

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The study’s findings show that mobile web tends for use for utility purposes buying groceries, are seeking suggestions, booking flights, etc. , while mobile apps are generally preferred for social and private activities: hearing music, looking videos, chatting and so forth. This distinction is further emphasized by the variety of content material normal of either platform: news, work, travel and schooling are essentially everyday on mobile web, while mobile apps excel at offering amusement content material.