Mobile Video Ads : What do they mean for Performance Advertisers?

As a non intrusive and highly palatable format, video captures the attention of users. Be it introducing the most recent hardcore gaming app to its viewers or driving transactions for an internet sale, video draws users into an immersive experience, unlike the static ad codecs. In addition, video ads on mobile have the capabilities of context and communicate personalized value propositions to gently nudge customers. For illustration, a web food ordering platform can draw clients by showcasing video storyboards with the delicacies on offer during lunch or dinner hours.

Or, a video of the newest fall assortment for ladies in an attire store can generate pleasure among fashion aficionados and enhance sales. Finally, custom end cards in videos trap the strong user intent in mobile users thereby turning in audiences of striking satisfactory to advertisers. Performance retailers are 5 times2 more more likely to purchase a top quality user with video than with basic banner ads. Mobile video with its lots of codecs is a useful investment for advertisers to glean high high-quality audiences from a myriad of users out there. For illustration, the rewarded video format, frequent in the gaming industry, is synonymous with high high-quality gamers. A player is a third more likely to stick around when downloading a game after seeing a video ad than if they downloaded the game after seeing a non video format ad.

Rewarded video ads offer in app rewards for accomplished views instead of clicks in a gaming app, most effective to not only knowledgeable clicks but additionally downloads with true user intent.