Mobile Marketing Trends : Strategies for the New Year Blue Fountain Media

With January almost at a close, in case your company hasn’t spent the time to update its latest options already, it basically could be at the top of your task list for the rest of the month. One of the important thing areas that every enterprise needs to take a hard look at when it comes to advertising approach in 2016 is how they are coping with mobile advertising efforts. Having a responsive online page is a completely a must have first step, but this year it is going to have a look more than the fundamentals of mobile advertising to get ahead of competitors that spent a lot of last year caring about Google’s widely publicized but likely inappropriate “mobilegeddon” changes. We’ve already lined the B2B advertising and marketing trends that will define 2016, now it’s time to turn our consideration towards five mobile trends your recommendations wish to comprise in the hot year so as to stay just before the competitors and get the best advertising ROI possible in one of the most fastest turning out to be digital channels in the industry.

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