Mobile Marketing and Its Benefits for Your Product

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Mobile Marketing and Its Benefits for Your Product 1

Mobile Marketing and Its Benefits for Your Product

Mobile Marketing and Its Benefits for Your Product 1

Marketing a product is an activity that has the most potential to consume large funds and has the potential to experience a large failure. But if the marketing activities are carried out in the right way then the effect will be very large for the success of the product in the market. This has caused many large companies to think about how to streamline their marketing budgets and minimize the resulting losses. From this, mobile marketing trends began to emerge.

Some time ago marketing activities still relied on media such as television, radio, print media, to online media. The medium that I mentioned earlier is a medium that is quite mainstream today. But from the budget issued sometimes ROI (Return Of Investment) obtained is not very satisfying and not on target.

From these things mobile marketing has begun to surface as an alternative medium that is more personal and cheaper. Through this mobile media, a company or product can choose its target audience based on location, user preferences, demographics, and so on by utilizing mobile technology. Some media that is often used is SMS. SMS itself allows companies or brands to direct their products to specific audiences. Then there are also other media, namely mobile applications that can also be directed to specific audiences in a way that is more fun and interactive. Many products that already use mobile applications to promote their products through games applications, utilities, or even mobile themes.

When a company or product is confronted with a small marketing expense then mobile media can be relied upon to provide high ROI. And usually the response from the audience itself is also quite positive, because indeed they need the information offered from the product.

Here are some of the main benefits of mobile marketing itself:

  • Mobile campaigns are something that is easily created and is quickly executed. If we take the example of using SMS or push notification in a mobile application, the message that will be received by the target audience will be faster than other media
  • No need to pay for printing, air time costs (if using radio / TV). Only the need to prepare images, text, or video, then it can then be distributed via SMS and mobile applications.
  • The scope is wider, there are no logistical obstacles. Starting from the location, time, and so on can be ignored.
  • Fast user response is also one of the advantages. Only by passing a mobile / SMS application can they directly interact with the products offered. The response rate I’ve found for mobile marketing is around 15%, whereas for other mediums it can only reach 2-5%.
  • The content delivered can directly lead to the right people, the right location, and indeed needed by the target audience. The message delivered can also be personalized according to the target audience and location where they are.
  • Mobile devices are devices that are 80% carried by users everywhere. And this greatly facilitates the message to be delivered to the target faster.

Now based on the case above that I mentioned earlier, I think the industry and business in the mobile world have greater potential than just selling the application itself. Mobile application developers can also create application environments that can be utilized by brands/products/companies that want to carry out marketing activities more efficiently.