Mobile advertising strategies for optimal results

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This is a standard mobile format borrowed from marketing on laptop. The aim of a banner ad is to reveal an embedded image via mobile web or in app to allure users to click that ad. Despite its simplicity, a contemporary Liftoff report shows that banner ads are still a very good format that “outperforms native ads by a landslide when it involves post install engagement on Android. ” However, this format may be discipline to “banner blindness”, wherein users are so conversant in seeing banner ads that they no longer take notice. For this reason, sellers may want to implement banner ads with a cost per click CPC model.

Click through rates CTRs are a good way to be informed if your ads are attractive your target viewers, but they don’t tell the entire story. By tracking in app events and learning which channels are bringing you constructive users extra down the road, that you can herald more high value users by replicating your most a hit campaigns. For instance, let’s say you want to examine two campaigns on your mobile game. Campaign A introduced you 1,000 new users while Campaign B brought you 500. However, only 10 users from Campaign A made an in app purchase, while 20 users from Campaign B completed a purchase event. In this scenario, the campaign with the lower CTR is best for ROAS, so it is sensible to scale up here to growth ROI.

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