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CPM Cost per Mile – Unfortunately, advertising networks are still very fond of the CPM model,which calculates the price as a diverse of every 1000 views of the given ad. From our experience,this model works well just for the Ad community and the writer here is applicable for bothmobile apps and games. Due to the low CTR values, the advertiser can have a very hard timebreaking even with this model. After having spoken at once to publishers of mobile apps, Inoticed that they too are most passionate about this model. However, we can’t put forward it at all.

Infact, it’s a model that have to be long past. CPI Cost per Install – This is the most chosen ad pricing model – especially when introducinga mobile app to the market. In this model, the advertiser calculates the sum payable to thenetwork on the idea of the quantity of installations. This is then added to the price per installcharged by the attribution platform. This model can, definitely, be divided into two smaller ones:the incentive model, where the user receives a reward for installing the app in the form ofpoints, prizes, and bonuses, and the non incentive model, where the user does not receiveanything for his installing. With the latter, you need to be very cautious when browsing for fakeinstallations they can be visible on the attribution platform but not in the Google Play Store.

Be particularly wary concerning the GAID identifiers Google Advertising IDs of users seen on theattribution platform and examine the knowledge with in app analytics, using, for example,devtodev. If you are “new to the market”, set strict limits and begin cooperating using CPC and CPI modelswith trusted partners, for instance from the Appsflyer list – although, bear in mind to computer screen theresults and the fine of the traffic already from day one. This should also be coupled withconstant campaign optimization the Start, Analysis, Optimization, Start scheme. We do notrecommend incentivized traffic, as, aside from installations, your app will likely not see anytraffic at all. What is more, a huge component of incentivized installation is comprised of fakeinstallations, so one can only be visible in the attribution platform and can’t be seen in theGoogle Play Store.

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