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Mobile ad networks are platforms where app developers or publishers, can sell ad space and agents or advertisers, can buy ad space. For monetizing an app by selling ad space or expanding user acquisition by buying ad space, registering to a mobile ad network turns into a must-have. Mobile ad networks offer systems for app builders who’re aiming to monetize or expand their apps. These networks are a primary buying and selling marketplace for media spaces.

App builders benefit from buying mobile ad spots as the objective audience is already on mobile. So ad viewers don’t have to replace mediums to install a new app. There are a variety of varieties of mobile ad networks which ensure fair rates, high eCPMS, focused audience, quality ad images. Mobile Ad formats can be the banner, video, interstitial or rewarded video ads. Mobile ad networks can be found for both publishers to monetize their app and advertisers to enhance user acquisition. An app’s niche considerably impacts the ad formats that may work well and be non intrusive to the app users.

So, choosing the best mobile ad community will rely upon several factors reminiscent of alternative types of advertisements demand, ad units, setups and might serve different app verticals.

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