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André Martins joined Mobidea in 2015. He comes from a scientific area so numbers and analytical power are two of his improved skills. He began as a Media Buyer and Account Manager for Spanish speaking VIP affiliates. He happened when social traffic was only at its early stages, and he honed the role like a pro.

André became a true expert on social site visitors. In the second one half of 2016, a new impartial team was created on Mobidea: the Social Marketing team. The strong analytical skills and the media buying/enterprise experience make André a superb expert on the discipline. Apart from working, André has numerous passions. He really loves Astrophysics where he managed to get a PhD and he is a History buff. He loves travelling.

He also enjoys gazing movies together with his family member and sports are a superb source of fun in his life!Playing soccer, hiking and biking are three things that make André really happy!Eva joined the Mobidea family in August 2016 as an Affiliate Support Manager. She gives aid to affiliates from all around the world, who are really enthusiastic about gaining knowledge of more about the Affiliate Marketing company and getting PRO!In the past, she worked as a Product Manager back in her native nation Peru, working on the Retail enterprise, but always loving the fast moving Digital Marketing world!She also did her MBA in the Netherlands, where she loved going Dutch and biking far and wide!Away from work, Eva loves exploring new places, not just in desirable Lisbon but all around the area. Eva is a food and wine lover, a panorama enthusiast, a hammock fan and a truly Wanderluster, as she is hooked on vacationing!Guilherme is that guy who desires to expand your business with you. He’ll be there cheering you on, showing you the data that builds a path onto achievement, and is a person you’ll are looking to trade some chilled words with. At the moment he’s focused on the Social Media side of the mobile advertising world. He believes it is an ultra fast-paced environment, filled with content material bursting to entertain and rock people’s lives: social is part of who we are.

And Gui also has a few activities. He plays the guitar and sings when he can so, not only in the shower, he writes, and he’s totally attending those music events where you get to hear your favorite bands play!He’s also a proud owner of a dog named Nix. He knows that in combination we’ll go far. No. Not only far!We’ll rock’n’roll!Helena has been during this industry for 10 years, and that’s why she recognizes a lot of people at events.

She joined Mobidea two years ago, beginning as an Online Analyst. Now, she’s the Head of Affiliates Support and her team works 7 days a week, overlaying 2/3 of the area’s many time zones, giving assist to all associates, no matter the nation, the kind, the event… users who’re always influenced by their thirst for money!She’s not frightened of fear and likes to challenge herself, as a result of she knows it’s the simplest way you could learn. For her, one of the best things in life is arriving at a spot where you’ve never been before, assembly people you couldn’t even dream existed.