Mind mapping is: understanding, type, benefit, and how to make it

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Mind mapping is: understanding, type, benefit, and how to make it

Mind mapping is understanding type benefit and how to make it

The general understanding of Mind Mapping is a method commonly used in material learning in the school environment and campus. But actually, besides being able to be applied to these two institutions, Mind Mapping can also be applied directly in the world of work.

Reporting from the official Project Management Institute page, Mind Mapping can be applied directly to running interviews, brainstorming, project management, meeting, decision making and presentation.

So what is the real understanding of Mind Mapping itself, what are the benefits and how effective ways to make it? Here we provide reviews about Mind Mapping for you.

Mind mapping is

Quoted directly from business.com’s official page, Mind Mapping is a way that synchronizes all parts of the brain, both the right brain and the left brain, in order to accept various types of new new ideas.

All visual forms arranged in Mind Map are able to help anyone in regulating new information received and set into the big theme in the discussion.

After a large theme has been determined, Mind Mapping is able to help users solve various details of the theme and understand the concept in it thoroughly.

In general, the concept of making Mind Mapping is carried out by students while learning to face a test. The teacher will also use this technique with the aim that the students will be able to receive the material described more comprehensively.

For this reason, the most important goal of the implementation of Mind Mapping is so that anyone individuals who use this technique are able to get material in full and comprehensive, not only based on memorization.

According to experts, Mind Mapping is

Some experts have their own views related to Mind Mapping. The following is their explanation of Mind Mapping:

  • Tony Buzan.

Tony Buzan explained that Mind Mapping is a technique used with the aim of developing activities to think about each individual who initially only leads to one direction, then developed into various directions, Seta to accept various kinds of ideas into a variety of viewpoints.

Mind Mapping itself will develop a branched and more creative thinking concept. This method also has the term map map, which in it contains a set of useful thinking tools for everyday life. Especially in understanding accordingly, both lessons or jobs.

  • Caroline Edward.

Edward explained that Mind Mapping is a way that is considered the most efficient and also effective in terms of entering or issuing various kinds of information from the brain. This system is a natural system carried out by the human work system, so the capacity and the potential of the brain can be maximized.

  • Melvin L. Silberman

Silberman argues that Mind Mapping is a way of thinking very creative students in producing various ideas in a lesson that is currently being studied, such as recording creative lessons or ways in planning a recent study.

Benefits of Mind Mapping.

Although in a glance it looks like ordinary scribbles, but the benefits found in Mind Mapping are extraordinary. The following are some examples of benefit from Mind Mapping:

  • Help the learning process

As we all mentioned a little before, Mind Mapping was able to help every user in understanding a concept and new material more thoroughly.

Why? Because when someone is making a Mind Mapping concept, then the person seems to be forced to be able to connect a new concept with the previous concept.

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After the mind mapping is finished, it will be even easier for someone to understand and also connect between a concept with another concept.

This will later help the learning process better, not heavy, and also does not feel boring.

  • More productive

Quoted directly from the official business insider page, one of the most important benefits of the application of Mind Mapping is that users will be able to describe the exact methods and are needed in a project.

When the picture can be visualized into various proper methods, users will be able to repair, what should be taken, etc.

In addition, Mind Mapping will also help users to determine various tasks that are priority. After the objectives and tasks that must be done immediately, the users can set the best time and become more productive.

  • Increase creativity

When compiling Mind Mapping, each of its users will make a branched map based on the available categories.

To make it more attractive, generally mind mapping will be decorated with interesting images or colors. The process will stimulate the way the human right brain works.

Therefore, another function of Mind Mapping is the increasing power of creativity of each user.

  • Increase understanding

When at a meeting or brainstorm related to a project, it is not uncommon for us to meet a very complex problems.


Quoted from the Focus page, Mind Mapping is a way that can help every user in understanding very complex concepts and problems.

In addition, this method is also able to help users solve these complex problems. So, this method will be very useful when applied to the project management process, meeting, etc.

Mind Mapping Types

Mind mapping is divided into several types, including:

  • Mind Map Syllabus

Mind mapping syllabus or commonly referred to as Mind Mapping Macro, is a type of Mind Mapping that is able to help in visualize anything that must be learned. Generally, this Mind Mapping is arranged with a large size and pasted on the wall.

  • Mind Map Chapter

Mind Mapping Chapter is a type of Mind Mapping made based on various series of chapters that have been studied. But, this mind mapping must summarize the various important points or essence just to be easier to remember.

  • Mind Map Paragraph

Mind Mapping Paragraph is a type of mapping that is able to provide complete information, why? Because besides being able to see a variety of summaries from any chapter, this type of mapping can also provide information in detail. The main advantages of using this type of Mind Mapping are can be arranged in a small textbook.

How to make it mind mapping is

Make Mind Mapping Basically it is very easy, you can make it manually by using sheets of paper or whiteboard, or you can also use the application that is currently widely provided.

For those of you who want to make mind mapping manually, here we give the steps to you.

  • Prepare the media you want to use

To make Mind Map, you have to prepare media like a large piece of paper, blackboard, etc. It is recommended to use media that has a landscape form. Why? Because landscape media will make it easier for you to make Mind Map, especially if the MAP MAP wants to be better developed.

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If you prefer paper to be explained to your client or your boss, make a draft first on other paper media.

  • Determine the Mind Map theme

Next, you must determine the concept or big theme that will be the main core of your Mind Map. Make sure to put this big theme in the middle of your paper or whiteboard, the aim is to facilitate writing another branch.

If the media you use vertically shaped, you can put the main theme at the top, so that the MAD MAP will later decrease down.

  • Determine the sub-theme

After you have finished specifying the main theme, then you also have to determine the theme of derivatives that will be connected with a branch line.

When making this chaban theme, try not to make a straight line. The aim is that your Mind Map is not too stiff and more easier for you to understand the context of its contents.

In addition, other tips are by reducing the theme of derivatives with keywords that are interrelated with the theme. Apart from it would be easier to understand, later your MAP MAP will become more structured and also more regularly.

  • Use interesting colors

The use of interesting colors is one of the tips for your Mind Map to be used as much as possible.

For example, you can make Mind Map with the main marketing theme. Well, the sub-theme that you can use is Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. using green and red.

Furthermore, other sub-themes from each of these themes will be adjusted to the main topic.

When you use the color on the sub-theme or on a variety of specific topics, then your brain will be easier to associate it with the topic.

If you don’t have a pencil or color marker, you can still use stickers or post-it to signify each of them.

  • Add picture

Besides color, images are also able to help your brain associate various themes that you have created easily. You can also use symbol images to obtain this effect.

In addition, images can also be used to replace words. So, your mind map will look more attractive.


Thus an explanation of Mind Mapping. Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that Mind Mapping is a way that synchronizes all parts of the brain, both the right brain and the left brain, in order to accept various types of new new ideas.

The application of Mind Mapping in the world of work will be able to help every employee or employee in completing its tasks easier and more creative. So that the management of the company will be better able to maximize existing human resources.

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