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In anticipation of Grandparent’s Day this Sunday, September 13th, Milestone is donating Amazon Echo Show devices to Absolut Care of Aurora Park, a facility that specializes briefly term rehabilitation, secure dementia care and longer term experienced nursing care provided in a family oriented environment. Kashia Brosius, Director of Marketing and Admissions at Absolut Care, told us that the apartment – which at 320 beds is the second one biggest in Erie County – often faces demanding situations when it comes to facilitating verbal exchange among citizens and their family, so this was a welcomed initiative. “When we’re at our best, attorneys help people,” said Attorney Tom Young, founding father of Injury Board. “Most often, that help facilities on providing legal suggestions and accomplishing a shopper’s legal goals.

But good lawyers are also servant leaders. They serve their community. In these difficult, disconnected days, our member legal professionals and their firms across the country are doing just that with Day of Action – they’re serving and they’re most appropriate. And greater than that, we’re aiding a few of our groups’ most inclined members of the family stay connected.

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