Microsoft adCenter Is Now Bing Ads Vertical Measures

With Microsoft’s updates to adCenter come not only superior features and more advantageous navigation, but additionally a glittery new name – meet “Bing Ads”. It’s no secret that Microsoft has been running diligently to enhance their web interface and capability by making it easier to control distinctive accounts at once, introducing new ad rotation functions and liberating a sequence of new tools to make all of this a reality. The new “Bing Ads” name makes this revamp a little more reputable. You might be optimistic that this relaunch and other updates planned for the longer term will make your event on the Yahoo!Bing Network a smoother, more pleasing one.

Microsoft is completely capitalizing on these numbers. One new characteristic allows you to import your campaigns from AdWords directly into Bing Ads with out even having to create an import spreadsheet. To take advantage of this streamlined task, click the “Campaigns” tab in “Bing Ads”. Click “Import your campaigns” and choose the option, “Directly from Google Adwords”. From here you are going to log in using your Google check in suggestions.

You’ll decide to which Bing Ads Account you like the new assistance imported, and then you’ll select the accurate time zone and the details to import. “Bing Ads” recommends adjusting your bids here before ultimately clicking “Import”.

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