Micro-Influencers and their Potential in Your Marketing Strategy

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Micro-Influencers and their Potential in Your Marketing Strategy

Micro Influencers and their Potential in Your Marketing Strategy 1

Micro-influencers are ordinary people who are paid by brands to promote their products on social media. In other words, micro-influencers are not always famous people like public figures or artists.

There is no official limit on when someone on social media can be called a micro-influencer. A person can be called a micro-influencer if he has followers of between two thousand to 100,000 followers on his social media. However, this number is not exact. In some cases, there is a micro-influencer who has a follower of less than 1000 people.

A micro-influencer with 1,000 followers and gets 500 likes and/or comments on each post has more influence than a micro-influencer with 10,000 followers and gets 1,000 likes per post. Both types of micro-influencers are far more influential compared to mega or macro-influencers with millions of followers but only have 2000 likes and/or comments on each post.

According to data released by Gushcloud in Social Media Week 2017, spending on digital advertising in the Asia Pacific region continues to increase. In Indonesia alone, digital advertising spending in 2014 reached 0.53 billion US dollars and is predicted to be 3.99 billion US dollars in 2018. This proves that advertising is important for companies, especially by using the services of micro-influencers. The following are some of the advantages of advertising through micro-influencers:


A micro influencer’s social media account is usually managed privately without involving a third party or management, so it will be easier for you to communicate with them. While macro-influencers social media accounts are usually managed by third parties or management, so the cooperation process will be more complicated.

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Using the services of micro-influencers will certainly be cheaper when compared to macro-influencers such as public figures or artists. Companies with a national scale even prefer to use micro-influencers, in addition to being cheap, the effects are more or less the same as advertising through television.


Creative and Innovative

A micro-influencer usually has fresh and creative ideas that can influence his followers to buy or try a product that is promoted. A micro-influencer usually has the characteristics of each in conducting promotions. For example, micro-influencers with the characteristics of comedy will do promotions in creative ways wrapped with comedy elements. This will provide good branding for your company.

The effect is immediately felt

The effects of micro-influencers will usually be directly felt by companies that do promotions at certain moments. For example, such as flash sales, and discounted price promos. Most of the followers immediately executed at that time. The emotional side is felt the same as when a friend invites you to buy a movie ticket with a Buy 1 Get 1. promo. Micro-influencers can do that compared to artists in general.

Produce Better Conversion

Exerticy’s research shows that micro-influencers have about 22.2 times more conversations with their followers on Instagram than macro-influencers such as celebrities or public figures. This is because micro-influencers are very enthusiastic about the interest or the response given by their followers. Micro-influencers have a much more targeted following than celebrities. People who follow them tend to have passion or similar interest categories.

Thus the discussion about the role of micro-influencers and their potential in your online business marketing strategy. In addition to utilizing micro-influencers in advertising, you also have to manage business finances well so that your business grows.

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