MGID Ad Network Review 2020

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MGID Ad Network Review 2020
MGID Ad Network Review 2020

MGID Ad Network Review 2020

When the storm of advertising restrictions conducted by AdSense in recent months, it will certainly make the blog owners panic and look for the best AdSense alternative that can be installed as a panning field for dollars on his blog. Several options appear, but the most trending for now is MGID as the best AdSense alternative.

What is MGID? Perhaps many Indonesian publishers and advertisers do not know yet, because MGID has only just entered the local market starting in 2017, even though it was established from 2004, because they are more concentrated in the American and European markets. And now it has expanded into the Asia Pacific and become a new challenger that you can choose as an alternative to AdSense.


The reason MGID is better than AdSense

So many advertising companies that have grown in the last few years, can certainly be seen in the track records and reviews of each advertiser and publisher. It is also not wrong for every publisher to compare with AdSense, from how it works, ad placement, effectiveness, CPC amount, payment, and so on. There are several advantages of MGID from AdSense that you can consider to switch to MGID:

MGID Registration is Easier than AdSense

Since 2014, Google AdSense has applied a two-time review system for every registrant who proposes to become a publisher, which will make it difficult to register new blogs with considerable potential. MGID is more lenient with new publishers who are interested in joining. Provided the blog that is registered does not violate the TOS will most likely be accepted. And this is what makes MGID a good alternative to AdSense.

MGID earnings can be greater than AdSense

No nonsense, many also have felt the superiority of MGID from AdSense related to income. Please check the Ads Id thread on the link above for more details. But not all categories, because MGID will be very effective if your website blog has a health and beauty niche.

MGID is more Publisher Friendly

It’s no secret that AdSense is sometimes arbitrary towards its publishers. Banned storms have hit publishers several times, sometimes those who play white hat are affected. For no apparent reason, and refuse to pay the income already obtained.


MGID provides a special manager for publishers, so that every publisher and advertiser can consult directly with the manager who shelter about the problems encountered, so that any mistakes can be avoided. With MGID, the possibility of getting banned is very small compared to AdSense, so MGID will be a safer AdSense alternative than others.

Can MGID be installed with AdSense?

There is a similarity between MGID and AdSense with regard to regulations, which both prohibit publishers from displaying videos, images and words that are not beautiful in their blogs, including those containing provocation, racism, nudity, and everything that is contrary to religious norms, social, as well as state rules.

Based on the experience of its users who have combined MGID with AdSense together in one blog, it has never been problematic and can still produce. And also both MGID and AdSense Managers never forbid to combine the two on one blog.