Merchandise is understanding, this type of function for the company

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Merchandise is understanding this type of function for the company

Merchandise is: understanding, this type of function for the company

Merchandise is understanding this type of function for the company

Merchandise is one of the knick-knacks that we often meet and has been widely used by various parties in each particular event or event.

Merchandise is also often used to remember company brand so that every customer still wants to place the company’s brand or brand as its main choice.

So, besides being able to display the logo of a company, merchandise can also be used as one of the types of advertising media to remind the audience of company brands.

For merchandise recipients, the benefits can be used for various daily activities, such as mugs, clothes, or bags.

The merchandise function is

In the world of marketing, merchandise has a very important role to introduce brands and form a brand image of a company in many people. This is of course a form of communication which is also one of the marketing strategies whose application can be applied to many media.

Well, because merchandise has a very important function in the advertising world, so many business people who begin to pay attention to promotional aspects, so as to be used as a promotional event related to the products sold or the services offered.

In addition, merchandise also has other functions for companies or for marketing strategies, including:

  • Interesting buyers to visit the stand on an event
  • As a media branding company
  • Used as a promotional tool from one consumer to other consumers.
  • Become a sign of thanks
  • As a form of distinguishing from one company to another.

Kinds of merchandise

Some types of merchandise that we often meet in some of these events are as follows:

1. T-shirts / shirts

T-shirts or shirts are a type of clothing that is very famous in all levels of society and can also be enjoyed by every circle, ranging from children to adults.

In addition to covering the body and warms the body, T-shirts also have a function to reflect on lifestyle or lifestyle.

T-shirts can also be used for company promotion activities, the way is to put the company’s logo coupled with interesting pictures or texts of supporters to be used as souvenirs that are sometimes shared free of charge on a particular event.

T-shirts that are often used for merchandise are t-shirts and polo shirts. With T-shirts, the company can display the logo by downloading or embroidered using materials that are comfortable to use.

2. Bag / Tote Bag / Paper Bag / Goodie Bag

Tote Bag is one type of merchandise that has been widely used by every company. This type of bag is also lately famous among young people. In addition to storing various items, this bag can also be used as a promotional media.

This bag can use various types of materials, including spunbond material, blacu, flexi, canvas, furing, etc.

But certainly, this bag raw material has a price that is quite affordable, so that if it was made in bulk it also won’t cost that is not so expensive.

In addition to goodie bags and tote bags, other types of bags that can be used are paper bags. However, the main ingredient paper bag is Art Carton, Samson, or Kraft Paper.

3. hours (table / hand / wall)

Watches are also one of the items that are often used for merchandise media, especially in agencies or organizations.

As we already know, the clock has a function to display time and can be installed on the wall for the wall clock, in hand for watches, and placed at the table.

Because it can be placed on the wall or at the table, the clock is used as a good merchandise. The clock shape can also be decorated as good as possible and adjusted to the marketing budget.

4. Sticker

When viewed at a glance, this one thing might look trivial. In fact, stickers can also be used as a good branding event, for example when buyers shop for distributions, shoes, etc.

Some of us must have to collect and be affixed in certain fields. Well, indirectly you will see the brand logo on the sticker and will indirectly get you to remember the existence of the brand.

5. Kramic / stainless mug

Often the mug is also given as a merchandise medium at a particular event or event. Whether it’s a mug in the form of ceramics or stainless steel which generally also contains things related to the company’s logo to sponsor an activity.

6. Flashdisk / USB

This tool is also often used as one of the merchandise is in various seminars or other events. At present, the flashdisk is almost used as an important tool because it can store various files and can be carried anywhere.

However, although small, this tool can also be used for various needs, especially in the world of offices or the world of education.

Flashdisk or USB is often used for several activities related to shipping or data storage activities. With its small shape, this tool can be carried anywhere without needing a lot of places.

Those who often use flashdisk are people who often use laptops or computers and save or send data that is not too much in it.

7. Jackets and Helmets

The jacket can also be used as a merchandise that is generally given to an organizational event, government event, or we can get this interesting merchandise when buying a motorbike, both on credit or in cash.

8. Umbrella

Umbrella is also a merchandise that we can get in various events that are generally held by the bank or large company agencies.

9. Power Bank

This one thing is definitely very favored by most people because it will be very helpful once when the cellphone battery starts running out. When you use Power Bank as a company merchandise, surely every audience will feel satisfied and happy.

No need for expensive Powerbank, you can choose Powerbank at an affordable price and a small capacity and a mini size to be used as a merchandise.

10. Ballpoint / pencil

Pens and pencils are also often used as mandatory merchandise given to various seminars or workshops.

Generally, pulent giving is included with notebooks, pencils and maps are generally made of plastic or paper.

11. Keychains

Keychains are also one type of merchandise that is generally given for free on every occasion of events or certain events.

Materials made from keychains are also very many, ranging from iron, aluminum, rubber, acrylic, etc.

Generally, many direct key chain bookings or are ordered parties, because the price is cheaper if it is bought in many.

12. Pin

PIN can also be used as one of the accessories with a round shape and has been widely used for merchandise on various specific events or events.

PIN can be placed on a shirt, a bag that is also a marker that participants have taken certain events or activities.

The shape of the pin that can also be made is very much, starting from the shaped pin on the back, until that can only be used for a key chain.

13. Folding fan and hand fan

Usually, we can get hand fans easily at weddings. But, we can also use the hand fan for other events. We can use folding folding fans or fans at various other events.

In addition, with its small size, this fan can be carried everywhere easily. The lipas fan is also available in various forms and unique models, such as plastic fans, folding fans made from bending, or folding fans from wood.

14. Bottle of drinks

Drink bottles are also widely used as merchandise, such as energy drinks that are almost certain drink bottles that will generally use on a sports event.


Thus an explanation of merchandise and several examples of goods that can be used as merchandise. So, we can conclude that the merchandise is the knick-knacks that we have met and used also by many people in certain events.

Some types of merchandise above you can combine to be able to maximize your marketing strategy.

However, one thing that is necessary and important for you to pay attention to making merchandise is the availability of a specialized company budget to make merchandise, so it won’t interfere with other budgets.

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