MegaPush Review and Case Study Push Notification Traffic from $.


I have actually tried the platform for a few weeks after studying articles similar to this, the traffic can be good, and the amount is big…However, there is a giant flaw with the platform. It will drain your budget quick. If as an instance, you run a trial campaign to optimize, you could easily find it overrun the budget by near 100 dollars withing 1/2 an hour. Now that is a pricey trial crusade, from that you learn not anything. The platform has two ways to control this, budget limit, or click limit, neither one works and has the expertise the drain your budget… You don’t get your money back, just excuses.

A self serve platform should do what it says a minimum of for the most part. Hey Stephen after invested more than 500$ in megapush and Propellerads I can say that push is nice I really like Propellerads they have high nice site visitors and have good targeting for campaign optimization But I don’t like megapush at all additionally they send bot site visitors and don’t have good targeting option I have 2 successful crusade with megapush in tier 3 geo but after amassing so much data i optimize it but no conversion even I got such a lot of bot clicks I kniw they’ve got good nice site visitors as well for one crusade I get hold of 42$ sale in barely 7$ spend and after optimization same crusade become dead but these items are not with Propellerads they have 0 bot site visitors and Propellerads is scalable too…. Hey Stephen I am little puzzled according to my research push notifications are just doing well in tier 2 and tier 3 countries is that true…?And Push notification work in USA or not I want to promote some offers in USA by way of push but at the moment I am so at a loss for words it’s will work or not I am seeing case reviews from tier 2 and tier 3 nations what’s your adventure mate about push notifications in tier 1 I am absolutely new in push I will start with tier 1 or 2 plz help me out plz share your event about push in tier 1 site visitors and health offers work in push notifications or not plz reply me matean you share the original users per country?becasue your stats cant be true Mark 13:56 This is the volume of clicks per 30 days. Jamie Westwood 13:56 how can you possible reach 338,244,688 click is one month in the uk Jamie Westwood 13:57 you will must send a push notifcation to over 11,000,000 people a day day by day is that what you are doing. just spamming an identical users repeatedly?Mark 13:58 all this is written in our statistics is true dear, and share unique users is unimaginable, because I don’t own such advice Jamie Westwood 13:58 its not true is it ha so you get 338million clicks in one month from a county that has only 60million citizens. of which only 48million have a phone?explain that to me ha your stat is 6.

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0x the total population of the UK here’s just bot traffic Mark 14:00 what geo are you interested in?Jamie Westwood 14:01 well please answer the query how your company gets 6. 0x more clicks each month in the UK, than the population of the UK Jamie Westwood 14:03 haha and 528million in the United States. 2x the countries entire populationI also did AdSense arbitrage with them in nations like the Dominican Republic, Israel, A bunch of African countries, Europe and more I rarely do stuff for US/UK nowadays. The fact is that I’ve seen effects, effects that I also shared listed here a few of them, you might think they’re fake screenshots, but I mean c’mon… I would fake $30 or so in profit?lol any one who would do such a stupid thing would make it sound like I invested $30 and got back $500 or some shit like that after which fake the pictures as a result. The truth is that every one of these campaigns where profitable, others weren’t, the ones that weren’t it was all with reference to me being stupid and focused on stuff like Peru, Brazil etc…where the buying power is low and they don’t convert that well anyway, but that’s what tests are. For me, it worked out well when I tested them in December/January so I haven’t any proof of any fishiness occurring from that period… sure one of the vital impressions could be bogus, but I don’t know… actually I only cared about seeing conversions and profit and not anything else.

Other people and super affiliates in the business also tested them and where profitable with them, so I really don’t know what to say here. Things might have changed for the more severe, it’s always feasible if an organization wants to earn some quick bucks they begin doing sketchy things. The only real thing they suck in my view is their aid, every now and then it was great, now and again it was very bad. But, I don’t know what to say really, my adventure can be distinctive than others, I’m not even paid by them or anything, I think I get like $2. 8 for each $100 that someone deposits via my associate link, which of course is a very bad fee rate and I wouldn’t risk my integrity for $2 lol. I had conversions with them with dating CPA offers, health/nutra offers in Europe, and I also tested them with Adsense arbitrage… which didn’t determine that well, but I was still receiving clicks in Adsense, in order that they weren’t “bot traffic and draining budget for no reason”.

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