MediaVenus Native Ad Network Review 2020

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MediaVenus Native Ad Network Review 2020

MediaVenus Native Ad Network Review 2020

MediaVenus Native Ad Network Review 2020

Always rejected by Google Adsense? But “desperate” once to put ads on the blog in order to get income? Now there is an easy way to make money from blogs without having to rely on Google Adsense, and of course with a fairly high fee.

MediaVenus is one of the best Adsense alternatives that you deserve to try to make money from blogs. This advertising company is already quite trusted and has a good reputation and credibility which has been covered in 257 countries, including Indonesia.

One privilege of MediaVenus is to target ads based on country, device type, category, gender, age, and audience interests. To place ads and make money from blogs, simply add a widget for advertising. Then your Widget will have a nice ad display and will adjust for different devices.

High income from advertising

Different from other advertising companies, MediaVenus provides high income for each publisher / ad publisher. For an average CPC (Cost Per Click) value of $ 0.06 with a CTR percentage of up to 4.6%.


Some affiliate network code may be forbidden to be displayed by Google Adsense, but with MediaVenus you will not have problems to advertise on blogs. In fact, there are also ads for adult content, you can activate or even deactivate the ads as desired.

That way, you will have many variations of ads to make money from blogs that you can set yourself, without fear of risk to be banned.

The type or format of advertisements on MediaVenus

For the choice of advertising on a blog, MediaVenus provides several types of ad formats. Among them are the format of Banner Ads, Native Ad Network and In App Ads. Ad settings can also be adjusted to the type of theme you are using.

Types of ads that adjust to the content (Native Ad) will have a higher chance of making money from blogs. This type of advertisement tends to adapt to the content and does not interfere with the reader’s comfort.

All types of ad formats are responsive, so they will automatically adjust to the user’s device. Good for PC / laptop users or some types of smartphones.

Easy ad management

MediaVenus provides very easy ad management. There are two types of ad widgets that you can implement, including CPC-based ads and banners. You can use one type of widget or use both at the same time to make money from blogs.

Familiar income statement dashboard

On the statistics page, you can see the overall income statement from placing advertisements on blogs with the types of advertisements provided by MediaVenus.

You can also immediately see income reports from several other blogs that you manage in one dashboard. Very easy to understand and familiar, you don’t need long time to learn it.

Publisher payment system, provided several ways to facilitate the disbursement of your income. Among them are Paypal, Webmoney, Credit Card (Visa / Master Card) and Wire transfers.

  • Payments are made automatically every week from Monday to Friday.
  • Payment can be disbursed with a minimum balance of 15 $,
  • Payment for wire transfers is 500 $, no commission.

Referrals program

You can also make money from blogs by utilizing link referals. MediaVenus gives 50% income if there are new publishers who register through your referral link.

Income reports from referrals will also be recorded systematically and you can analyze at any time in the earnings dashboard.


Requirements to become a publisher at MediaVenus

  • The site must be paid hosting, you can use WordPress self hosting.
  • Blogs must have more than 500 unique visitors per day.
  • Not required to provide access to website / web analytics, such as google analytics.
  • The website must comply with applicable laws and MediaVenus policies.

Violations such as placing ads on blogs by placing the generated code for one particular website on a different website are not allowed.

Faking the number of impressions or clicks, encouraging visitors to click on ads or other actions will be taken firmly by the MediaVenus System Administration.

Tips to get high income with MediaVenus

As well as making money from blogs by becoming an advertising publisher, you must continue to increase blog traffic. High visitor traffic is one of the most important assets for earning money.

You can post ads from any advertising company. But if there is inadequate visitor traffic, it’s the same as starting from scratch.

Update articles regularly, create content that is sought after by readers so they can advertise on blogs and make money through ad publishers.