Ad Network Review 2020

      Comments Off on Ad Network Review 2020 Ad Network Review 2020 Ad Network Review 2020 is an online advertising business company owned by Yahoo-Bing (Microsoft) Ads Networks such as AdSense that brings together advertisers (advertisers) and publisher (publisher) on the basis of CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per One Thousand Impression). Most publishers who have used give positive reviews on as the top Adsense alternative. Some say the results from are even greater than Adsense.

Payment Method

Payment will be made if the earnings or revenue earned this month reach a minimum of $ 100 (one hundred dollars). Payment can be via Paypal or Money Transfer.

Registration Requirement

The requirements to register as a publisher are as follows:

Basic Requirements

1. Using English as the site’s main language.

2. Contains high traffic and quality content.

3. The majority of traffic comes from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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The Site Does Not Meet The Terms

1. Contains pirated software such as warez, torrentz, cracking, hacking, phreaking, and other illegal downloads.

2. Sites that contain free hosting.

3. Site without content, under construction, parked pages.

4. Its contents contain tricks to deceive search engines.

5. Sites that divert traffic from sites to other sites.

6. Internet abuse such as sending spam emails or using spyware.

Content Sites That Do Not Meet The Terms

1. Adult, pornographic, or illegal contents.

2. Cigarettes, alcohol, ammunition, dangerous substances, drugs, violence, gambling and racial intolerance.

3. The contents of the site allude to other groups.

4. Hate, racial intolerance, insulting groups or individuals, organizations.

5. Buying and selling drugs.

6. Buying and selling fake products, designer imitations or other goods, stolen objects or any products that violate the intellectual rights of others.

7. Contains programs that promote invalid click activity by paying users to click on ads, browse sites and read emails, etc.

8. Sites or blogs in the form of forums, discussion rooms, chats that are open to public contributions without proper moderation.

9. Sites that are filled in or generated using a computer program.

10. The main content of the site is based on user contributions.

11. Fill in other sites deemed illegal by the team.

Review Publisher Media.Net Yahoo Bing Network

In general Yahoo Bing publishers are satisfied with the results they get from Yahoo Bing Network However, not a few are disappointed.

Positive Review On Media.Net

Imran from stated that for 3 weeks he used, the results were able to exceed Adsense. He believes that Yahoo Bing Ads’ performance is very good and satisfying. Of course, three weeks is not enough to be a guideline for a product.

Shree Madhan from did a pretty in-depth review of the pluses and minuses of The plus is that after he tried on a number of sites, he concluded that the results were not much different from ADsense. So, if you like Adsense, you will definitely also like But the minus value, still according to him, is that the system is less sed alias alias rather complicated. For example, approval is done per site unlike Adsense. Too imprecise in giving approval. And not suitable for all niche sites.

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Negative Review On Media.Net

Lahaul Seth from initially liked using because it received a sizeable commission of $ 2 (two dollars) RPM (per 1000 visitors). But finally he stopped using because it turned out that the big income only applies in the first week. After that, he can only $ 0 (zero dollars) every day. He even sent an email to admin but got an unsatisfactory answer.

This opinion is supported by Mazhar one of the commentators in the same article. He said, “I used on several of my sites. At first the performance was good. But in the end it only made $ 0 (zero dollars).”

It’s still unclear, do those who feel cheated include large publishers with high traffic like

Another minus factor from Yahoo-Bing is the tendency to banned publisher accounts with poor quality traffic. It is not clear what the meaning of “quality” is, which is clearly what experienced so he concluded that is nothing more than a scammer. In his post, he said:

“At first I was excited that my site had been approved by and I was allowed to start displaying advert on my site. Within three months, I have successfully made $ 500 on my account, a few days to receive my payment, I received this email from that my account has been banned for low quality traffic.”

Imagine, it was just payout, suddenly got banned only with the reason of low quality traffic. Not because of invalid activity or illegal content. So, for those who have already registered with and not accepted, don’t be disappointed. Look for other adsense alternatives.