McWane For Generations

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Cast iron soil pipe made by McWane, Inc. facilities offers benefits equivalent to power, corrosion resistance and noise reduction that cannot be present in every other advertisement piping. Cast iron pipes also are much quieter, muffling the noise from dashing wastewater more without problems than other options. Our pipe is powerful enough to lie under constructing foundations and resistant to enlargement and contraction attributable to excessive temperatures. Iron pipes also own sophisticated fire safety qualities: they cannot burn; they don’t produce toxic smoke in fires as some other items do; and that they can be passed safely through firewalls.

With high ring crushing loads, iron pipes can be buried or encased in concrete for a long time of hassle free carrier. Valves synthetic by McWane, Inc. facilities are designed in a range of configurations, from in ground valves appropriate for home water carrier to massive commercial grade products. Check valves and force relief valves deliver a technique fluid passage, while valves with butterflies, eccentric plugs, gates, and resilient wedges can meet nearly any high force need. The foundries deliver gear cases, chain wheels and position indicators necessary for industrial purposes. They also manufacture and market globally UL Listed and FM Approved valves and accessories under the Kennedy Valve brand for water based fire coverage methods.