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“100% yes, I trust McD may be talking about nuggets,” Jay Baer, founder of the “social and content accelerator” firm Convince and Convert, said via e mail. In fact, he pointed to McDonald’s push for transparency in Canada, in which teams answer thousands of buyer questions and food great and safety are dealt with head on, for example of particularly fantastic content advertising. The software, Baer wrote, “is a fantastic instance of radical transparency, and building trust by being disproportionately forthright. They have tracked it considerably, and located meaningful increases in Canadians’ perceptions of food nice, etc. ”I was feeling particularly giggly.

I’m sorry. org/articles/why i finished protesting and started a garden/The dad took his children out to his wife, then went back into the bathroom, by which era Puente is related to have fled the scene. He was arrested on Wednesday after an altercation at a store which saw him refuse to go away. Police called to the scene diagnosed him from surveillance images shared of the McDonald’s attacker. He was seen on video entering the restroom before the victim, and leaving after her father took her back to her mother. Puente is expounded to have confessed to abducting the lady and taking her clothes off, but denied raping her.


He said that he was fd up and thinking dirty. ‘He was dirty and didn’t want the police attempting to find him or catching him. ‘He said he was paranoid and searching around as he left the bathroom as a result of he knew what he did was wrong. Parts of this show also includes statements meant as comedy and theatrical performance. Some statements represent culinary, creative or other types of critique. This content is targeted, though not restricted to, an adult viewers.

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