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SUCCESS STORIES News App Challenge Not providing advertisers video format leaves money on the table, particularly for a news app. This news app was attempting to diversify their revenue. With their strong engagement already in place, the app was shopping for methods to leverage their high viewability to maximize sales. Solutions After the preliminary evaluation, we realized this news app hadn’t really taken benefit of video advertising, that’s an ideal tool, as ability clients are twice as more likely to rely the content of a video ad compared to a screen ad.

Advertisers want to make the most of this format, so eCPMs for video are higher compared to other codecs. Video ads is a huge chance for news apps especially since many content providers have already integrated videos into their content. AppMonet helped the client to verify the correct form of video format that will work one of the best. Video ads are typically played at herbal points in the user adventure, similar to among news videos. Users are engaged at these moments, that is why advertisers pay more for this format. Results AppMonet helped them in their efforts to expand video ad sizes and formats.

The mix was designed to make sure visibility and beef up general click via rates CTR, which ended in a big lift in revenue, 28% increase in total revenue from Q2 to Q3 in 2019 Drive income and boost engagement. Find out how. }SUCCESS STORIES Dating App Challenge This dating app is a popular social networking app for iOS and Android instruments. It has greater than 1 million users in 192 international locations across the world. However, the developers were not happy with the eCPMs that they were generating through advertisements on their free app. While the app is used globally, they were facing challenges in effectively monetizing the app with their monetization partners at the time.

Solutions AppMonet’s diverse ad codecs gave the app the flexibleness to control the user adventure. They knew they had find a unique answer that balanced the needs of advertisers with the app’s highly considered user adventure. AppMonet was capable of convey much higher eCPMs to the app as a result of the huge scale it brings with 200+ ad networks and DSPs attached globally to its platform, and the granular controls it gave to the builders in environment the minimum eCPM floors by filters. The client liked the attention and hands on attitude that they acquired from AppMonet. Results The dating app saw a rise of 35% on average in eCPMs across the board on all formats that they’re running with AppMonet.

They are seeing good income increase on both image and rich media ads. In their very own words, “adding AppMonet to our mix of advertising companions has directly benefited us with higher eCPMs resulting in higher revenue. Working with their team has been easy with quick determination to any issues that experience arisen. We look ahead to having AppMonet continue to be our premier ad accomplice sooner or later. ” Drive revenue and boost engagement.

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Find out how. }SUCCESS STORIES Podcast App Challenge This podcast app is an award profitable global podcast platform that permits anyone to simply find, access, create, and revel in spoken audio content. With more than 20 million users, over 70 languages, innovative aspects like in audio search and a very intuitive UX design, the app offers an excellent podcast listening experience. While the app is widely used globally, they were facing challenges in effectively monetizing the app, they needed a fresh, new source of revenue to maximize ad income. Solution This podcast app began operating with AppMonet in June 2018.

They started using AppMonet’s ad server for monetizing the native and interstitial ad units, both on the iOS and Android version of the app. AppMonet was in a position to convey much higher eCPMs and fill rate as a result of its industry first to assist concurrent VPAID and VAST pre caching. The podcast app preferred the constructive solution and hands on approach AppMonet offers. Results The app saw an increase of 50% on average in eCPMs across the board on all codecs that they’re working with AppMonet. They are seeing tremendous revenue increase – 90%. Average CPM $5 Fill rate elevated by 30% in only one month Revenue skyrocketed by 90% Dramatically lessen user device’s data bandwidth AppMonet Video Ad Serve Highlights Supports all major video SSPs including: Smaato, AOL, Smart Adserver, InMobi, AerServ, LoopMe.

PubNative, MobileFuse, Fyber, AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon, TappX, Mobfox, SpotX, RhythmOne, AdColony, etc. VPAID pre caching: • AppMonet is the industry’s first in app video player to support concurrent VPAID and VAST pre caching, dramatically expanding positive video fill rate and income. • Request throttling capability by frequency cap Pixel clear video rendering and reduce data bandwidth • AppMonet SDK uses Android/iOS native features to speed up video pre caching and gambling. • No should use JSV Javascript video to image hack, thus dramatically lessen user device’s data bandwidth usage. Phone Memory AppMonet’s SDK watches the phone’s memory usage to make sure finest video playing } Drive revenue and boost engagement. Find out how.

}SUCCESS STORIES Messaging App Challenge With thousands and thousands of world users, this app offers free texting and calling for users. Maximizing the advertisements opportunity created by that aggregate of audience size requires a refined monetization platform. This app also needed the capability to customize the network waterfall and direct ad serving features to seize brand alternatives. Identifying the demand partners that best leverage the data glided by the chat app was a further objective. Solution Being in the middle of NYC, we have got harnessed relationships with the biggest brand advertisers and agencies which created unique brand demand.

In addition, AppMonet made certain to understand users’ needs so that you can optimize the combination of native ads into the messaging feed and chat interface. As a result, we have been a successful mobile ad community companion for this messaging app from day 1. Results With a complete and complicated in app monetization strategy, the messaging app saw income and eCPM increased 70% by partnering with AppMonet. With one unified SDK, minimal code and trouble free integration, AppMonet has been a competent and outperforming mobile ad community for over 2000 apps globally. Drive income and boost engagement.

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Find out how. }SUCCESS STORIES Utility App Challenge As probably the most world’s most universal free weather apps around the world, this climate app was browsing to beef up ad income while also chopping its SDK load. That’s when the app turned to AppMonet’s solutions to both boost monetization efforts while also making the mobile app lighter and less memory extensive. Solutions AppMonet SDK uses Android/iOS native points to accelerate video pre caching and playing. Since there is no need to use JSV Javascript video to image hack, it dramatically decreased user device’s data bandwidth usage. In addition, AppMonet’s SDK watches the telephone’s memory usage to make sure most excellent video playing.

Results In just two months after imposing AppMonet’s SDK, this climate app had already seen big results thanks to simultaneous ad calls coming through a central platform. The app saw an increase in eCPM and an ordinary revenue jump of 15 %. Drive revenue and boost engagement. Find out how. }SUCCESS STORIES Solitaire App Challenge Solitaire is a basic card game and everyone loves this game. With a solid base of loyal users, this app uses interstitial ads to boom their in game monetization.

They wanted to bring about a new accomplice that might carry brand campaigns to provide diversity from the repetitive app set up ads most networks depend upon. Solution AppMonet uses advanced AI applied sciences to immediately format and enriches original content to slot in any in app ad unit. As a result, AppMonet’s diverse ad formats deliver the potential for app builders of all sizes and styles to maximise their earning opportunities. Besides interstitial ads, the app integrated banner ads during each gameplay, which is composed of the general public of the time users spend in the app. Even though with a lower eCPM, the fill rate significantly elevated and we served more ads in the course of the span of every gameplay. In addition, we actively worked closely with this Solitaire app to get a hold of new ad unit placement and size to extra diversify and boom their revenue.

Most importantly, AppMonet’s answers didn’t take any player away to other apps. Results After integrating AppMonet’s SDK, we fast rose to a top associate for this app with eCPMs in foremost positions for different ad units. Revenue has elevated 40% since adding AppMonet. The sales from gaming app have the capacity to grow if you set all the insights in combination into a cohesive monetization strategy. Understanding what both users and advertisers are looking for goes a good distance in maximizing your earning potentials!If you are a game developer, don’t hesitate to arrive out!We’d be very happy to work with you to boom your ad income.

Drive revenue and boost engagement. Find out how.