Mastering Push Notification Advertising

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Push ads are rapidly taking up the digital ads space, proposing new and effective ways for advertisers to expand their client engagement suggestions. Keeping the purposes of our clients in mind, Zeropark team built a powerful system to run and help push ads, enabling you to focus on and reach highly engaged consumers without delay every time, anyplace. They are added without delay to ad recipient’s mobile or desktop device. Due to their nature, push ads are considered to be a new native ad format, providing all of the perks of native advertisements, reminiscent of cost effectiveness, wide viewers pool, and accurate user concentrated on.

Based on set preferences, the recipient of the ad is served non intrusive relevant offers even if the recipient is not shopping. Meaning, advertisers can surgically target a highly engaged viewers and generate an instant reaction. High Quality Traffic and Excellent Performance: push ads have proved to be a brilliant efficient mechanism for a variety of kinds of ad campaigns, including those for user acquisition and retention. It’s a good way to speak without delay to the purchaser, cutting during the web noise and averting any variety of middleman. Since users consciously give their consent to obtain notifications from internet sites, this ensures a 100% real user viewers and removes the risk of bot presence.

High Visibility and Instant Ad Delivery: sent directly from a browser, push ads are automatically dropped at users’ displays phone, computing device or tablet, performing right in the users eyeline. This results in higher visibility and click on via rates CTR compared to traditional ad formats. Based on set preferences, the recipient of the ad is served non intrusively with applicable offers even if not browsing. This helps advertisers surgically target a highly engaged audience and generate an instant reaction. A/B Testing and Advanced Customization Options: the ideal goal of any push notification is not only to catch users’ consideration but also to provoke a specific action from their side. With push ads, advertisers have broad alternatives to run A/B tests for plenty of creatives texts and pictures, make tweaks, inventive adaptations, and adjust them to determine what is operating best to interact their target users.

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