Marketing Tips in the fasting month to increase business profits

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Marketing Tips in the fasting month to increase business profits

Marketing tips in the fasting month to increase business profits

Marketing activities in the fasting month certainly cannot be equated with what you usually do in the previous month. Why? Because during fasting, most Muslim communities will tend to choose to be in the room rather than doing outdoor activity activities.

For this reason, you need to do the right marketing strategy so that you can still be able to meet customer needs and increase business income to the fullest.

Well, so that you are not mistaken, on this occasion we will provide good marketing tips to be able to win increasingly stringent competition during the fasting month.

7 effective tips to increase sales in the fasting month

1. Make a special product month of Ramadan

The first marketing strategy that you can do in the fasting month is to make a special product in the fasting month. Whatever the product you sell, whether it’s clothing, household appliances, or even fast food, it’s good if you take advantage of this fasting month momentum to launch special products that are only available in limited stock.

Simply put example is Muslim clothing, set of cooking utensils, or special food menus in the fasting month. If you are engaged in a culinary business, then don’t hesitate to launch a special menu that can be ordered by customers during the fasting month, such as compote, porridge, or other sweet dishes to break the fast.

2. Prepare a bundling package

The meaning of the bundling package here is to present two different products in one interesting selling package at affordable prices. Inform your customers that this product can only be obtained in the fasting month.

So, they will be more enthusiastic in making purchases, because the stock is very limited. In addition, also make sure the packaging of the bundling package is neatly arranged to attract many consumers.

3. Provide messaging services

If so far customers buy more your products by directly visiting the store, then when this fasting month they will tend to be lazy to come out, especially if the weather is indeed hot.

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For this reason, it does not hurt to provide the latest messaging services for your business to increase sales turnover. You can also still use the delivery of goods provided by inter-online or online motorcycle taxis if you don’t have a personal courier.

However, the service-between service is not free. You can provide rates according to the distance of the consumers. But, if many consumers make a lot of purchases, you can provide free shipping or free service between services.

4. Provide a special discount and promo month of Ramadhan

Every customer will be happy with discounted offers or discounted prices in the purchase activities. Your marketing can almost be confirmed smoothly with an attractive discount offer during the fasting month.

In addition, you can also apply certain purchases for customers who want to enjoy the discount. Discounts in the form of this discount can vary depending on the price of your product. The greater the discount, usually the greater the income you will get.

Another method of marketing that you can still do to increase income in the fasting month is to apply promo. For example, apply a special promo that only applies during the fasting month. You can use this marketing strategy with a variety of different promos each week.


This way is claimed to be very effective in increasing income because every customer certainly does not want to miss the running promo.

5. Repeat with the nuances of Ramadan

If you have an offline store, it is recommended to re-undermine the inside and outside the store with various Ramadhan nuances. So, when customers pass your store, they will be more interested in stopping and making a purchase.

In addition, try to ask for every employee to use Muslim clothing so that the atmosphere of Ramadan can be thicker. Also, reality also various religious music so that the atmosphere of Ramadhan in your store is increasingly felt.

6. Take advantage of social media

Social media has a very large role in supporting your marketing activities, including during the fasting month. You can use social media to be able to stay connected with your customers wherever they are.

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You can inform all possible attractive promos and offers on your business so that you can be more easily achieved by your loyal customers.

7. Do cooperate with other businesses

In this case, it does not mean you support the competitor’s business and ignore your own business. Instead, this method will help increase your sales in the fasting month as long as the form of cooperation is carried out appropriately. In addition, the value of your product will also increase.

For example, if you are one of the hijab businessmen who send orders using expedition services. Well, in the fasting month like now, you can add a hijab shipping option through cooperation with online motorcycles.

The form of this shipping service is certainly only you can do for customers who are still one city with you. So, customers can accept the order faster and feel satisfied shopping in your store.

As another choice, you can also cooperate with other women’s fashion brands in providing certain promos. For example, you and your brand partner make robe and headscarf packages at special prices ahead of the Eid holiday.

This method is very effective for attracting new customers, namely those who become loyal followers or customers of your brand partner. So, you also have more opportunities to increase sales.


What about the marketing strategy that you have done during this fasting month? Has it succeeded in increasing sales? If indeed it’s not, it doesn’t hurt to try the seven tips above.

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