Marketing Tips: How To Get Your Company Logo Out There

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To build a successful business, it is important to not only have a great product or service but must also be able to market your company effectively. If nobody knows about what you are doing, then how will they know what you are offering? Getting your company logo out there can help give people information about your product or service. A company logo is a symbol that represents a company or organization.  You should use several different types of marketing methods in order to advertise in as many ways as possible. When you follow these tips on how to get your company logo out there, you will find that marketing is not a difficult process at all.

Print Media Advertising

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Marketing Tips: How To Get Your Company Logo Out There 3

If you’re looking at printing, then one of the most cost-effective methods of doing so is through newspaper print ads or magazine ads (if you have a larger budget). 

Depending on your target audience and how niche you’re trying to get, you can always go local with your advertising campaigns (your newspaper ad will be put in a smaller paper which is more relevant to your area). However, if going local doesn’t work for you then at least try different newspapers. Different newspapers have different markets – so it may be that another newspaper reaches a better market than where you currently run ads.

The thing about print media is that they only reach people who are interested in reading them (unless they read it while waiting somewhere or something). So when looking at print media do not forget: traffic is important! Only advertise in papers which are read by the kind of audience you wish to reach.

Using Handouts

One of the most basic ways to promote your company is with handouts that have your logo and contact information on them. Include a brief description of what you do and include your website address as well as any other details people may want. The point of giving out these types of handouts is so that when people see them, they will know how to contact you if they are interested in something you offer. 

Have business cards made up for everyone in the office so that even when someone has forgotten their wallet, they can give you their name and number for future follow-up purposes. You can also be generous and give out handouts to friends or co-workers who might benefit from what your company offers.

Also, be sure to put a business card in each of your packages and mailings so that those people who receive something from you will know how to contact you if they have any questions or comments.

Customized Souvenirs

If you have a business that allows customers to take away something as a souvenir, you should include your logo on the product. Otherwise, people will not know who it is from and may throw it away without thinking twice about it. A good example of this is when someone receives a mug, custom memory cards, or a t-shirt with the company name and logo printed on them for free. They will always remember what they got and if they like what they received, then they will come back in order to receive more products like these again in the future.

Use The Internet

The Internet is by far one of the best ways to promote a company among its target audience. This type of marketing is especially useful for companies with an e-commerce presence since it enables customers to purchase products online. It is very easy to do; all you need is a website in order to get started on this route. Your logo can be used as part of your main site’s design or you can create sections where you include images around the edge so that visitors know what your company does without having to read all of the information yourself.

Get Out There In The Real World

You can also promote your company by going out there and interacting with potential customers, clients, and others who will be interested in your offerings. This is why it is important to have a good logo that people will remember when they see you in person. 

One way of making this more effective is to give those people who have been introduced to your company an incentive if they refer someone else to work with you such as offering a discount on future orders for everyone involved or offering something that no one else has like a limited edition product that isn’t available anywhere else but through someone’s referral link.

 Another option would be to give away free coupons for products or services on certain occasions in order to encourage more interaction with your company or even just to thank loyal customers for their continued interest in your brand.

Use Social Media

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Social media is one of the most effective ways to get a message out there online. You can use this as an additional way to reach people who are interested in your company and learn more about you or what you have to offer them. An example of this would be using Twitter or Facebook for promotional purposes, such as writing little messages on both channels that pertain to your brand and then linking back to those posts when they are published online so that visitors can easily click away from your page if they aren’t interested after reading whatever it is you had posted. 

If you do decide to go down this route, you will especially want to make sure that each post has been appropriately proofread before posting since social media provides extraordinary opportunities for people to gain new followers and make comments about your business. This means that the more mistakes you make, the less credibility you will have online.


Branding is also an essential way of promoting a company because it distinguishes you from the rest. When doing this, you should be aware of what images or messages are being sent out into the world at large when someone sees your logo. The most common type of branding is called awareness branding which essentially occurs when a person has some sort of reaction upon seeing your logo which is then connected to what your business specializes in doing.

For example, if someone works for a firm that focuses on toys and games, they may choose to focus on these areas in their mind when looking at the logo for their company’s website. This is also a good way to make sure that people will remember seeing your logo somewhere before or knowing exactly which company yours is when they see it without needing the name attached to it.

If you want to get your company logo out there, it is important that you do not neglect any of the aforementioned methods. The key is finding what works for your business and implementing a strategy accordingly. For instance, if branding doesn’t work in one aspect then try another technique.