Marketing Techniques: Understanding and 10 techniques that you must try

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Marketing Techniques: Understanding and 10 techniques that you must try

Marketing Techniques Understanding and 10 techniques that you must try

In order for business to grow rapidly, choosing strategies and marketing techniques is a very crucial thing. Therefore, business people must master various techniques to introduce optimal products or services. Thus, marketing can also be directed and focused and ultimately benefit.

Marketing is a common thing in business activities. But if you don’t know the technique, marketing is often not on target and causes losses. Therefore, it is important to know more about the technique.

Good marketing techniques can support the business to develop rapidly and according to the planning made. The purpose of good marketing is that the product produced can be known by the wider community, and of course it will increase sales potential.

Want to know more profound marketing techniques? Here is a full review.

Definition of marketing techniques

Marketing techniques are a method for promoting products or services produced by the company with the best strategies to benefit. With this technique it is expected to make consumers more interested.

Simply put, marketing techniques are everything you do to bring business or increase your company’s visibility and reputation.

We are not talking about strategies to increase sales after you have opportunities – marketing techniques are about producing these opportunities at first.

This is a method for targeting a promising market, build your brand and produce and maintain prospects to encourage faster growth and higher profits.

There are many different marketing techniques both online and offline. The main offline example includes trade shows, networks and meetings talking directly.

The main online techniques include the company’s website, sustainable search engine (SEO) optimization efforts, and industrial webinars.

Overall, online and offline marketing techniques allow you to reach clients wherever they are. Traditional offline networks have become an important part of the professional service industry for some time, but lately important relationships are increasingly forged through social media.

10 best product marketing techniques

There are 10 ways to do marketing techniques. This aims to make the marketing process not be done in the usual way, so it can increase the potential for sales. The following are some of the techniques:

1. Do market segmentation

Market segmentation is one of the marketing techniques by grouping the market according to gender, age and region so that it can make promotion on target. Marketing carried out is adjusted to the grouping of the market that has been carried out.

It is commonplace for business people in market segmentation. As a strategy in game techniques, market segmentation is also carried out to create products to become a winner in business competitions and can also control market share.

2. Product planning

Part of the next marketing technique is to plan product. This includes detailed product details, giving brand products, packaging, and product inventories. In this case it also includes the emotional bond between sellers and buyers, allowing buyers to buy the product.

In the introduction of a product can be done by means of differentiation of products or product planning that are different from other products. This can be a packaging that is more attractive or also the best service in receiving complaints.

3. Appropriate price setting

The crucial thing in the steps of marketing techniques is product pricing. Prices are adjusted to product quality and market competitors.

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Cheap prices are in demand by consumers, however, consumers will also consider their quality. Thus, don’t hesitate to set expensive prices during the quality guaranteed.

For more details, for example, the price of a Ferari car is very expensive, even including the category of luxury cars but the buyer dares to buy with the price because of the quality and also a proudness and pride.

Likewise with pricing made on the products produced. Expensive prices do not mean it will lose consumers.

4. Distribution

The next step is distributing. Doing distribution can establish partnerships with agents and distributors so that the product reaches the end of the consumer.

In the distribution process, make sure the number of products is tailored to the region. Regions that have high product requests should get a lot of quantity of goods.

After the product is generated, it will certainly be a lot of requests for the product. Thus, distributing will meet the needs of consumers of the request of the product and there is no more inequality of fulfillment of consumer needs.

5. Promotion

The thing that is the core in a marketing is a promotion. Promotions are intended so that the products produced are more recognized by many people. Thus, business will easily get new prospective consumers. The more promotion, the potential to increase sales is getting higher.

Promotions can be done in all media, both online or conventional media to get the opportunity to get consumers in large quantities.

Thus, the opportunity to benefit will be greater. Especially at this time, where opportunities for promotions are available in various media.

6. Use of social media

Just like doing promotions, optimizing social media functions so that the product is easily recognized by many people. Moreover at this time, there is an affiliate business, becoming a dropshipper, and many other types of businesses by utilizing social media. All of that can maximize the potential of sales.

The existence of social media today is very important to promote. Media that can connect many people in this world is an opportunity to get greater benefits through increasing the chances of getting consumers.

7. Promotion by mouth to mouth

Word of Mouth (WOM), is quite effective for marketing. Even from the past, this model promotion is the most efficient and easy promotion to do so that the product is easily recognized by many people. To create the WOM must have branding products.

In Indonesia itself, the promotion by mouth to mouth has become a tradition and indicator that marketing is a successful business. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the importance of creating quality products or good images to the product. Because indirectly, consumers will act as a promoter.

8. Product Branding Creation

As before, product branding can create WOM. Therefore, as part of the technique for product marketing, the creation of this product branding is very important to do so that it can make a good WOM in the wider community.

Product branding is making a product of high selling values ​​with a good creation of images to the product. As we discussed earlier in the case of Ferari cars, even though the price was expensive but had a pretty good market segment.

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Departing from this, WOM will appear in the community. Thus, it is part of promotion or marketing indirectly.

9. Provision of incentives as a promotional media

There are times when in marketing requires third party services, both resellers, distributors, promoters. These parties must be given incentives because they have succeeded in expanding the sales network. Thus, the promotion that is done will be more effective.

Incentives can be given to consumers who buy products in large quantities. This will certainly make consumers feel happy and appreciated. Thus, the emotional bond will be established between consumers and sellers. If the emotional bond has been established it will be difficult for consumers to move to competitor’s products.

10. Give discounted discounts or discounts

As part of marketing should also provide discounts or discounts on consumers to increase to become a permanent customer. This is a strategy to make consumers make repeated purchases (repeat orders).

Having many customers of course a profit, because it means that the business built will grow thanks to the existence of such loyal customers. Therefore, providing discounts to loyal customers is one form of appreciation for these customers.


In order to develop business, the importance of doing marketing techniques in order to make consumers interested in using products or services produced. Therefore, it is better to know more about the understanding and steps taken.

After knowing more about the technique of a product marketing, as well as steps that must be taken. So the next step, is practicing this to bind customers and get new consumers so that sales are growing.

Also make sure you have good financial management so that the plan to build your business marketing strategies and techniques run optimally.

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