Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Business Conversion

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Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Business Conversion

Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Business Conversion

Marketing is very closely related to the views and feelings of consumer confidence. Therefore, in marketing a product, you need to avoid digital marketing mistakes that can trigger the death of customer confidence and the conversion of your business.

In this article, you can find out what marketing strategy mistakes can eliminate these two things, so you can avoid them. Therefore, by avoiding these mistakes, you can build better relationships and trust between customers and your business.

So, want to know what marketing strategy mistakes you need to avoid? Let’s read the full article below, let’s!

Website Views that are “Dirty” and “Trashed”

This one marketing strategy mistake is very fatal and is really able to turn off customer trust. Because, in the current digital era, the website becomes the main profile that will be most often accessed by potential customers to find out your information. If your website looks dirty, of course this will cause a bad impression from customers for your business.

Dirty websites can be caused by designs that are too crowded. In addition, the presence of music or video that plays automatically when entering your website can also be categorized as trash that pollutes the website.

Not only that, if you have a website that provides ad columns and the ad covers most of the website content, this can also make it look dirty. In fact, font selection can also affect the appearance of “dirty” websites, so try to use fonts that are not too crowded.

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Outdated and Abandoned Websites

Supposedly, as the main profile portal at this time, the website must always be updated with the current conditions of your business. Sometimes, abandoned websites can create broken links or links that cannot be clicked or accessed. However, if your website is based on WordPress, finding and repairing broken links is not too complicated.

In fact, your company or business contact number may change. However, with the abandonment of the website, your contact information may no longer be relevant.

Abandoned websites also usually have old school designs. This can influence users to quickly leave your website because the page is not interesting to look at. In addition, the old school design on the website can also affect the responsiveness and speed of loading the website.

Content Contains Fake News or Clickbait

Creating interesting content and sentences that are different from others are needed. However, that does not mean creating fake news or content that is too clickbait is justified.

Content that is not able to realize the call to action in it properly can destroy your business conversions. It will be quite difficult to attract visitors who already don’t trust your content.

So, try to make content with interesting strategies. It’s okay to use unique and interesting call to action sentences, but don’t overdo it and don’t use lies. Customer trust is something that is very difficult to obtain but is easily lost.

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Therefore, you should use a good and appropriate digital marketing strategy in marketing your business. Do not let the marketing strategy mistakes that you accidentally do turn off the trust of customers.