Marketing Psychology: How To Get Attention & Influence Consumers

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Marketing Psychology: How To Get Attention & Influence Consumers

Marketing Psychology How To Get Attention Influence Consumers

One of the interesting phenomena related to psychology and marketing is “inattentional blindness”, which is a phenomenon in which a person seems to be “blind” or cannot see something that is actually within his line of sight.

Inattentional blindness is the inability of the human mind to process anything that is not the focus of attention at the time. In 1991, Mack and Rock proved that people whose attention is focused on one thing often fail to see unexpected objects, even when they appear within the range of their senses.

As a marketer, you want to make sure that your audience doesn’t fall victim to national blindness when conveying marketing messages.

You should know, the human brain works 85% of the time on autopilot – however, many marketers create marketing messages assuming their audience is paying attention all the time. This results in companies spending money and resources not only on ineffective advertising, but also placing the ad in the wrong place.

Nowadays, people tend not to be affected by the banner ad on the homepage they are browsing. Banner ads can no longer grab the attention and focus of the audience.

It’s no surprise that the CTR of banner ads has dropped dramatically over the past few years. The same is true for conventional advertisements such as billboard advertisements, bus stop advertisements, etc. Ads, especially banner ads, have been considered “non-existent” by some.

How to attract attention and influence consumer perceptions so as not to be trapped by intentional blindness

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Intentional blindness is one of the main reasons why consumers ignore brand news, offers, and advertisements, especially in digital marketing.

Then how do we fight this phenomenon? Here are 4 ways to convey brand messages so that intentional blindness is not obstructed.

1. Grab the Audience’s Attention When They Are Not Doing Something Important

When someone is surfing online and is looking for something specific, they become “blind” to something else. They will only focus on what they are looking for. Therefore, you should invest in advertisements that you know your audience will see.

This is why TV advertising remains an effective type of advertising. Likewise YouTube ads that run before the video plays. People will tend to pay attention when they are waiting for a broadcast or are not doing anything important.

2. Make Your Ad Relevant and Helpful to Your Audience

When someone is looking for something online, they will be more sensitive to the information they think is valuable. So, you have to show ads that are relevant to their needs at that time.

Lots of marketers are carelessly placing their ads – which are completely irrelevant to the sites the audience is visiting.

A simple example is if the ad aims to offer guitar lessons, that ad placement will work best on guitar-related sites or forums. This is a logical, but often overlooked, example.

Combine logic with creativity, and you will have a winning online marketing strategy.

3. Use Contrast

Bright colors, strong patterns, and things that move, is something that can grab attention. Use these elements in your ad to make it stand out even more. However, make sure the appearance of the advertisement is still comfortable for consumers to see.

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Don’t overdo it, be able to attract attention.

4. Take advantage of all available marketing channels

Don’t just aim to reach your audience through one approach. Having one message or one ad at the top or center of your homepage is not enough to ensure that people will see it. Use all the different ways to reach your potential customers – email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, etc.

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